Robots In Disguise #31 Review

TF_RiD31_cvrSan Diego International Comic Con has just ended and those of us in attendance are in recovery. However, I wouldn’t want you to go without this weeks Transformers comic book review. I was in line for the Marvel Animation panel, the line was extending outdoors and as I heard the San Diego Symphony playing Star Wars in the distance- I read TF: RID 31 on my trusty Windows Phone.

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Shovel Knight Review

Capture16Shovel Knight is a classic side scrolling platformer like Mario and Mega Man combined with that childhood lust for beating the other kids in the sandbox with your plastic trowel. In other words, it’s a retro styled nostalgia trip that has the fun and excitement of an old school game with the added bonus of digging tools. Continue reading

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 116


It is that time of the year for us living here in San Diego and for all the people living all over the world making their way for the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con International! We don’t want to get your hopes up but this is our PRE Comic-Con podcast and we have enough con information to make your head spin!

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 115

Cap and FlaconHere we are yet again! In today’s episode we have more news coming from the Marvel Comic side featuring the new Thor, the Flying Captain America, Evil Tony Stark! But the most exciting news (well for us that is) is that the cover of Entertainment Weekly features Avengers 2: Age of Ultron!

I Just Wanna Mash Buttons

So the Evolution Fighting Game Tournament is tomorrow, and thanks to this wonderfully terrible thing called a job I am able to once again spend five days mashing buttons with people who enjoy mashing buttons as much as I do! Unfortunately, my main game, Skullgirls, is not included as a main game at EVO nor is it getting as much coverage as last year. However, Skullgirls is getting a $2000 pot bonus along with a stream of top 8 on the Madcatz channel. Pretty sweet stuff considering it is only a side game.  Continue reading