Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 132

freddy fazbnear

And here we are, back again with another episode of the Shot O’ Games Podcast! This episode we talk about news from BlizzCon 2014 and the final chapter of the StarCraft 2 trilogy called Legacy of the Void. More news of the new upcoming Zelda game for the Wii, a white XBox One and a very shocking news from Jesse about Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 “Demo”!

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 131


Welcome back, here we are with a  Comikaze hangover podcast! Over the weekend we had the privilege of attending Stan Lee’s Comikaze and we can tell you its a total blast and if you havent been, you’re missing out! We also talk about the PS4 2.0.1 patch, new Mario Kart 8 stages while Jesse and Fidel talk about how stoked they are for Five Nights at Freddy’s 2. ENJOY!

Comikaze 2014!

Hey! I think I’ve finally recovered! If you hadn’t heard Team San Diego hit up Stan Lee’s Comikaze last Saturday and had a blast! But of course we love you guys and have brought you a duck-ton of pictures with video soon to come! You can check out our gallery on our facebook or on this nifty thing i’m attempting to post below. And as always, you know the deal “Like Us” “Tag” everyone you know and of course “Share” us!


Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 130


Welcome back to a very special episode of the Shot O’ Games Podcast! We talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) take over with the leak of Avengers 2: Age of Ultron trailer. Then on top of that Marvel released Phase 3 with Black Panther, Ant Man, Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Captain America: Civil War, Thor Ragnarok. and Inhumans. But the main movie we looked forward to is Avenger: Infinity War part 1 & 2!!! So who has a time machine hidden inside their closet?!…Anyone?!

Crystal Campaign: A Journey through Fantasies

Final Fantasy

Pretty much every geek in the world has at least heard of Final Fantasy, though, I’m pretty sure a good portion has also played at least part of one the multitudes of games. Its arguably one of the most popular and most recognized RPG series in the world. So, naturally there are more games than you can count with Final Fantasy XV, the newest in the main series, coming out to consoles next year. Thats not counting all the spin offs either. Continue reading

The Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 125 – The 4th Coming


Here we back again with an fun episode of the Shot O’ Game Podcast! Now we have a 4th member finally with us after a long thing with work, you’ll recognize this person from a while back! News that we cover are from Forza Horizon 2, Tokyo Game Show 2014 and a game call Five Nights at Freddy’s!