Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 146


So, who here saw the trailer for Halo 5 Guardians? Spartan Locke? #HuntTheTruth If you have’t yet, it is time for you to go and watch it before playing Episode 146 of the Shot O’ Games Podcast! We also have new about twitch being hacked, and Nintendo partnering up with a major mobile gaming company. This and more on this episode, enjoy!

Why you should be playing Life is Strange


Life Is Strange™_20150207220820 Life is Strange is an adventure game about a girl named Max who finds out she can rewind time, if only for a few minutes. The game is an episodic adventure created by the developer DONTNOD, and currently only has it’s first episode, Chrysalis, available to play. Continue reading

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 144


Here we are back again with another famous Shot O’ Games Podcast! On this episode we talk about how you can play as the Chicken from Legend of Zelda series on Hyrule Warriors. Rumors of a new Battle Toads video game and if you guys haven’t seen it yet, teaser trailer #3 for Avengers Age of Ultron is out with quick view of The Vision.

Case Cracked

Our phones have become such an essential staple in our modern lives, if you’ve ever had a shattered screen or a bricked phone you know the reality of how helpless you feel. That being said it’s pretty important to protect our tiny (and not so tiny) mobile children whether it’s by means of a shiny protective skin, a hardcore waterproof case, or just a simple snap on case.

I fall somewhere into the category of simple and fashionable and unique. But sometimes there’s a price to pay for that vanity and my most recent case has shattered (much like my dreams).

Luckily SkinIt was kind enough to provide me with some cases and skins to review and  I will be showing you the hard case after the break. Continue reading

Final Fantasy XIV – Crystal Campaign Review

ARR_FFXIV_Logo*This review was written at patch 2.51, and will only review features implemented at and before this version of the game.

Final Fantasy has long been one of the most recognized and beloved names in the JRPG genre. Some of the most loved elements of the series include it’s characters, and it’s story. So naturally i was skeptical to try it out as an MMO, even when it had a previous successful MMO with Final Fantasy XI. I shouldn’t have worried however as Final Fantasy XIV has been one of the best games i have played in a while, and definitely the biggest time sink. Continue reading

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 143



Hello and welcome all! The infamous Shot O’ Games Podcast is back! This week we talk about news from graphics giant Nvidia but its not what you think. We also have news from Street Fighter V with footage of Charlie/Nash with a whole new look and improved graphics over all! Enjoy everyone!!


Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 142


Hello everyone! Well on this episode we have have some major news from the MCU and this major news have implications to Marvel’s Phase 3! Here at 2 Shots was do what we do best and that is to have fun giving you our own opinions about news concerning things we love! Enjoy everyone!

Steadi As You Go!


As I enter the second year of owning my GoPro Hero 3+ Silver edition, I’ve been wanting to take video while walking around my neighborhood, but I have one problem and that problem is having a steady video. Owning a GoPro is one of the best camera tech that I have, that is portable, light weight and reliable. Having a suction mount and various attachments that I have available for the GoPro, none of those have the correct engineering to keep a video footage steady, just like watching a movie while the camera man is running or walking.

Continue reading

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 141


Well it has been a short week us here, and we’ve got a few bits of news for you all. News of sales for X-Box Live Gold Members. More recap of Dying Light for the PS4! Now the one game that has Wayne, Fidel, Mimi and Jesse hooked on is Trivia Crack!!