Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 177


Well this is a shocking turn of events here at 2 Shots…Wayne and Fidel did NOT play Halo 5 at all this entire week, so what did they play?! Listen to find out along with news from a Female Link and the one news that destroyed the internet, Cloud from FF7 is now a playable character in Smash Bros!! Enjoy!

GMX Volume 7 and Comikaze 2015 Pics!!

Nerds, geeks, and all other denominations in between and on either side, we have pics up from GMX Vol. 7 in Nashville, TN and from Comikaze 2015 in Los Angeles, CA!! The pics from either can be found by clicking the pic of the convention you want to see above! We hope you had a good time and we look forward to bringing you more media and pics from upcoming conventions! If you like them, leave us a like on Facebook and tag yourself or anyone else you know in the pics!

We also have our giveaway! Spread the word around and if we can get to 500 likes, we’ll throw in a prize giveaway! HARK!!

Comic Review: The Fatal Photographs of Philip Frowley

During San Diego Comic-Con International 2015, as I walk around the Convention Center along with several tens of thousands of people, I decide to make my way outside to get some fresh air and meet up with Jason Kimble. Jason is a person who has been coming to SDCCI for the past 10 years, a man who loves the comics, arts and everything about SDCC. Prior to meet with Jason, we had a chat about what Jason was bringing, a comic book, a graphic novel that he himself created, call The Fatal Photographs of Philip Frowley. Continue reading

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 172


Well gang…guess who’s back? Oh yeah us!!! Welcome back fellow geeks and today’s episode of the famed SOG Podcast we have a lot more news from Halo 5 regarding micro transaction! Wait…How much space does Halo 5 need to install?! XBox admitting defeat and now focusing on us, the gamers…and the MCU Phase 3 line up!