Fusion and Fission: The Aperture way

Ever wondered what happened to GLaDOS after Portal 2? Ever wonder what the difference was between Fusion and Fission? Even if you regretfully answered no to any of these seemingly unrelated questions, I have the answer to both right here! So, click the play button, sit back, and learn something…

You monster.

Robots In Disguise #28 Review

TF_RiD28_cvrSUBDawn of the Autobots continues in Robots in Disguise # 28. This issue focuses primarily on Optimus Prime and Thundercracker. Optimus Prime returns to Earth to find a long lost friend and ally. Thundercracker has been hiding here all along, but he’s not the one Prime is looking for. Should you pick up a copy?

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Anime Conji 2014

conjiThis past weekend was busy one here at 2 Shots of Geek. Multiple convention Weekend! Indeed, I had the pleasure of attending Anime Conji here in San Diego, CA. It was a wonderful time, beautiful weather and lots of cosplayers. Ran into some familiar faces, too! Lots of talent this year, especially in the Artist Alley. It was definitely fun and they even had a Nerf Gun Arena! Whoa! Oh, yes, yes that’s right I have pictures!


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Distant Worlds Nashville


I think it is safe to say that if you ask a gamer about their favorite video game music, that there will most likely be a song from one of the Final Fantasy games on their list. The series has numerous games within it, with a majority of them having highly acclaimed soundtracks. The music in these games does more than just pump you up for a battle, or sway you to fall in love with a relationship; they are also some of the most memorable parts of these games. For instance, play Aerith’s theme in front of fan and watch the waterworks happen. The music in Final Fantasy is crucial to these big moments in the games. So much so, that you hear the song and your body automatically reacts to whatever emotion you had at that point in the game. Needless to say, a lot of fans would love to see the music played in a live concert.

That’s where “Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy” comes in…
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Filling in the Lines: covering up your ink with makeup!

 In the past decade alone two things are certain. Respectively tattoos and cosplay have become more common. As it stands 36% of Americans age 18-25 have at least one tattoo. Given the average age of con goers and cosplayers alike I KNOW some of you have tattoos. And as the hobby of cosplay becomes an art form as well some of you find yourself wondering, ” My character doesn’t have MY tattoos, do I cover up my ink?”

That is up to you, I say wear it loud and proud (especially if its geeky). But in case  you decide to cover it up i threw together a little how-to/review with some products that are middle of the road when it comes to budget. But hey, that ink wasn’t cheap! Treat it nicely even if you’re just covering up! Continue reading

Windblade #1

TF_Windblade01_cvrSUBTransformers: Windblade from IDW Publishing will be hitting Comic Book stands April 16th. To state that the character, Windblade, herself is unique is an understatement. She is the first fan built Transformer thanks to Hasbro giving us the ability to vote via polls online to decide on her physical and character traits. Reading through this first issue you’ll see she is indeed intriguing and well, we will get to that below. Windblade mini-series is also the first Transformers comic to be assembled (I didn’t want to over play the pun, by saying ‘transformed’ ) by an all female creative team. Keep reading for more.

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Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 102 – Post Winter Soldier

WinterSoldierFor freedom! A little more than a week after the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Fidel and Wayne tackle the blockbuster movie and give their two cents about the movie and the franchise. They also go over the latest in the gaming news world. Bottoms up!