Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 160


So from our previous episode, we are exactly 1 week away from the San Diego Comic-Con International 2015! On this episode Wayne and Fidel talk about Batman Arkham Knight, while Jesse talk about MiiVerse and news from the Sony patch! Please due tune in to next weeks episode because it is going to be a special one!

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 159

Arkham Knight

Welcome back and for this episode, we start the count down to the famous San Diego Comic-Con International 2015! For all our fans, who will be making the trip to San Diego have fun and be safe! Other than Comic-Con we also talk about a truly fantastic game that just came out call Batman Arkham Knight, but beware of a possibility of spoilers!

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 158


As many of you have seen on the news this past week, a little event called Electronic Entertainment Expo (e3 for short) had just wrapped up! Now if you don’t know what e3 is all about, it is where the Big 3 (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo) announce their upcoming games. e3 also features many other companies that are in the electronics. We have major news that we cover for you all during e3!

Ubisoft E3 2015 Press Conference

Ubisoft, in my opinion at least, is pretty much a hit or miss at E3. Granted, this could just be me as i don’t play many Ubisoft games, so there just isn’t as much for me to get excited about. However, that may change this year. Ubisoft announced some new IPs and sequels that all look to be pretty good if not amazing. So lets dive into the news shall we? After all, i’m pretty sure that is why your here

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Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 156

ANNNNNNNNNDDD…..We’re back with another dysfunction episode of the Shot O’ Games Podcast! Today we have news about Microsoft about to step into more PC Gaming, a change in name for Gear of War dev! Well the most random thing that we talk about is the old Marvel TV and movie series back in the late 70 to the early 90’s!

Tech Armor Product Review – Ballistics Screen Protector, Relax Bumper, and 6ft. Charging Cable


Hello again everyone, your neighborhood phone gear fanatic is back with another product review! I was recently able to try out Tech Armor’s new line of Ballistic Screen Protector for the iPhone5, the Relax Series Bumper Full View Case Edgeprotect, and a 6 foot Charging cable. Without further ado, let’s get to the review!

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WIP Wednesday

I lied, I had so much to do last week before I left for Momo, so I had no way to make a post…With that being said, the con is over, and I’ll be writing up a review shortly! Four day cons are way different from 3 day cons and I’m still exhausted. I’m not letting that get in the way of cosplay though, I have lots of work to do and lots of projects ready to go! Continue reading