Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 142


Hello everyone! Well on this episode we have have some major news from the MCU and this major news have implications to Marvel’s Phase 3! Here at 2 Shots was do what we do best and that is to have fun giving you our own opinions about news concerning things we love! Enjoy everyone!

Steadi As You Go!


As I enter the second year of owning my GoPro Hero 3+ Silver edition, I’ve been wanting to take video while walking around my neighborhood, but I have one problem and that problem is having a steady video. Owning a GoPro is one of the best camera tech that I have, that is portable, light weight and reliable. Having a suction mount and various attachments that I have available for the GoPro, none of those have the correct engineering to keep a video footage steady, just like watching a movie while the camera man is running or walking.

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Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 141


Well it has been a short week us here, and we’ve got a few bits of news for you all. News of sales for X-Box Live Gold Members. More recap of Dying Light for the PS4! Now the one game that has Wayne, Fidel, Mimi and Jesse hooked on is Trivia Crack!!

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 140


Well looks like we’ve another shocking news for you guys on this episode! We have a short review for a game called Dying Light, news about XBox Live game sale and also for the Playstation Network. But the news we have for you, well it coincide wit the infamous Bite of ’87!

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 139


Welcome back folks to another episode Shot O’ Games Podcast! This weeks news Microsoft drops Windows 10 beta out for everyone to try! Wayne has it on one (of many) computer rig in the studio! But the one major news that Microsoft had revealed is HoloLens! Listen this episode to find out what the HoloLens and the buzz its creating!

Batman: Dailies and Sundays Complete – Reviews



Batman: Dailies and Sundays Complete is the second collection volume of Silver Age Batman comics. It collects all of the comic strips from 1968 to 1969, and thats a very impressive size. These comics were split up by days and continued an overarching story over the course of several months.  That frankly surprised me. I figured they would just be 3 or 4 panels of situations like revealing new gadgets, or training Robin, and other things like that. So while it was a surprise, It was a fantastic one.

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Windows 10 Event

Yesterday, Microsoft took the wraps off of the upcoming Windows 10 in a big way. Their event showcased the new OS, new hardware, software and how the ecosystem of devices will work together. We saw some really amazing things and still others that we expected. Let’s take a closer look.

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Review of Amzer Crüsta phone case for iPhone 5/5S and Kristäl Tempered Glass Screen Protector


I have said it before and I will say it again, my phone is my portal to the world and I am nothing without it. I am overly cautious with my phone and will only use cases that offer a lot of protection. I have to say that the Amzer Crüsta phone case definitely went way above and beyond my expectations when my phone’s safety was involved. Continue reading

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 137


Helloooo 2015!!!! This is our first Shot O’ Games Podcast of 2015 and we have a lot of news for you guys. The main top that we’re all over is CES 2015 held at Las Vegas Nevada, I know that did not make it this yeah but that doesn’t stop us from reporting all the new tech!