Filling in the Lines: covering up your ink with makeup!

 In the past decade alone two things are certain. Respectively tattoos and cosplay have become more common. As it stands 36% of Americans age 18-25 have at least one tattoo. Given the average age of con goers and cosplayers alike I KNOW some of you have tattoos. And as the hobby of cosplay becomes an art form as well some of you find yourself wondering, ” My character doesn’t have MY tattoos, do I cover up my ink?”

That is up to you, I say wear it loud and proud (especially if its geeky). But in case  you decide to cover it up i threw together a little how-to/review with some products that are middle of the road when it comes to budget. But hey, that ink wasn’t cheap! Treat it nicely even if you’re just covering up! Continue reading

Windblade #1

TF_Windblade01_cvrSUBTransformers: Windblade from IDW Publishing will be hitting Comic Book stands April 16th. To state that the character, Windblade, herself is unique is an understatement. She is the first fan built Transformer thanks to Hasbro giving us the ability to vote via polls online to decide on her physical and character traits. Reading through this first issue you’ll see she is indeed intriguing and well, we will get to that below. Windblade mini-series is also the first Transformers comic to be assembled (I didn’t want to over play the pun, by saying ‘transformed’ ) by an all female creative team. Keep reading for more.

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Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 102 – Post Winter Soldier

WinterSoldierFor freedom! A little more than a week after the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Fidel and Wayne tackle the blockbuster movie and give their two cents about the movie and the franchise. They also go over the latest in the gaming news world. Bottoms up!




10 Video Game Foods I’d Try

As someone who thoroughly enjoys food, I have always been curious as to how some foods in video games would taste. I mean, if they were real. I don’t think code tastes like anything. Maybe it does. How would you eat code? Probably as a dip with chips…
BA DUM TSH! Anyway, here are ten video game foods I want to nom!

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Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 101 – Dat Titanfall

TitanfallNo Dalmatians here, just gaming! In this episode, I’m gone, so Fidel and Wayne take over. The main topic is their Titanfall addiction. They give their impressions on the game, their expectations on its future, and more. They also cover the latest gaming news, including Facebook buying Oculus Rift, and much more. Enjoy!

10 Gaming Experiences I Wish To Relive

Gaming has played a significant role in my life. In fact, my earliest memory from childhood is playing a video game. It’s kind of like a parasite that has sucked countless hours from my life but, I refuse to go to the doctor because I know I’d be lonely without its company. With who knows how many years of in-game experiences I’ve racked up since I was a kid, some have held a dear place in my memory and heart. Nowadays I seem to have a cloak of immunity when it comes to being genuinely enthralled with a game or console but, looking back I vividly remember moments that I was overcome with one emotion or another and, I pray to the gods of gaming that I could relive some of those moments. Without further any rambling, here are ten moments from my gaming life that I want to experience for the first time, again. Continue reading

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 100 – Life and Stuff

South Park Pub

Hey all, it’s time for a shot of gaming! In our monumental triple digit episode, we talk about how real life is taking away from our gaming time…but I still complain about not getting South Park: The Stick of Truth at launch! We go over our Titanfall expectations, So Cal Regionals, the latest gaming news, and much more! Thank you for all your support over 100 episodes!