“We have no reason.

We are not responsible for the destruction of worlds, we only manage it.

We feed off of it.”

/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

First thing that came to mind when I heard the Thern speak these words… INCUBATOR!! A few of you will understand what I mean. The rest of you will wonder what in the world I’m talking about. But alas I’m here to talk to you about a movie and ask you the question, do you ever feel like you don’t quite belong on this planet?

John Carter is full of action, just enough humor and a touch of romance. It also touches a bit on something along the lines of entropy, destiny and chaos theory. That maybe there is a very detailed approach to a somewhat chaotic existence.  The movie itself starts off by introducing you to a recently deceased John Carter by way of his nephew and now heir Ned. We learn through Ned that John was a very peculiar individual full of lively stories and thus leads us to the reading of his private journal.  Through these written accounts we find a Civil War era John in a southwestern desert of sorts where he has gathered some attention as a rebel without a cause. The military wants to get rid of him, but all he wants is gold, which is usually found in caves right?

Funny thing about Disney movies and caves… they always lead to trouble. Aladdin and his cave of wonders for example, Ariel’s cave/trove of human junk that led to her human obsession is another. Maybe I’m reaching a bit, but anyways back to John Carter, after a little bit of character build up we come to know that John doesn’t quite fit in. Then after some shenanigans ensue we find him in a cave that will change his worlds forever. Yes, I said WORLDS and that’s not my lisp sneaking in.  That being said I refuse to reveal any of this movie because I felt that not knowing what to expect was a delicious marketing device that Disney used to build this story of John Carter. But one thing I will say is that yes, he gets the girl and that you should see this movie because its nothing short of visually pleasing and very entertaining. Absolutely everything Disney is known for.

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