A question answered.

I’ve recently seen a question a friend was searching to find an answer for. His Question?  “Anyone know where I can find a moon-stone chalice and the blood of a white werewolf”?

Well, I have your answer, my friend. It goes like this… 

S.S. Anne moored in Vermillion Harbor

There are only 2 places you can find those items in a usable form. The Moon-stone chalice can be found in Mt. Moon, just east of Pewter City. If you continue through to Cerulean City, go south into Vermillion City. You can hitch a ride on the S.S. Anne, a cruise-liner moored there. A ticket is required, and It’s rumored that Bill in Cerulean City might have a spare ticket. His house is located on the cape, north of the city, across Nugget Bridge. The luxury cruise-liner makes a weekly trip, and ports in Solitude docks in the Skyrim region of Tamriel. Head due east until you reach Dawnstar, then south to Frostmere Crypt. The crypt is locked with a button combo mechanism. The password for the lock is up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, A, B, Select, Start.

I hope this helps you in your search for the item and substance requested.

“Listen Mac!!”   “Give him a fast uppercut when he is stunned!” 

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