A True Fighting Game Fan’s Only Choice…

So as many of you know that El Culero and I are Fighting Game fanatics, we both go to local tournaments, and play friends online. The one weapon we both choose to play our fighting games on is an Arcade Stick.

Some players choose to use a regular D-Pad controller, but I have never been able to use a D-Pad to play on any fighting games. So several years ago I decided to invest in a Mad Catz Fighting Game Stick so that I dont have to use or borrow someone else during a tournament. People in tournament will let you use their sticks but when the time come to get your own, its worth the money!

As the years of abuse takes its toll, the buttons wear out, sensors for the stick gets stuck and the occasional “Pounding-of-the-stick-to-get-the-button-loose.” As I search for a new arcade stick, my friend Dios_X said “Why not buy new buttons and a stick, its an easy process of buying, installing new parts and save money.”

So that I did! Search out what buttons will fit, what stick to use, and how long of an abuse they can take. Doing more research on what type parts will be able to fit on a Mad Catz Fighting Stick was an easier job than I have expected. Many websites offer such a long list of mods for any stick made by and company or you can just buy parts and make your very own “Custom Stick.”

I have chosen Sanwa buttons and stick to replace the worn out ones. Sanwa offers a lot of  button color schemes to suit anyone and everyone’s need of a custom look. I am going to use the basic black housing with grey button scheme. As for a replace stick I am also using a Sanwa Stick, because it is a replacement and a plug-in-play device.


Now for the install of the parts, as Dios_X said “It’s an easy process” and well he was right. Straight forward affair, no need for splicing wires, soldering at all.

As you can see from the picture, this is how a Mad Catz stick will look like when opened up from the back panel.


First I removed the old stick, just 4 screws, remove the switch sensor on the right side and you need to use a flat head to help remove the ball on top of the stick.

Now here is a picture of the Sanwa stick and the installation of the unit is the process but in reverse.

Now for the button install, their are two wires under each button (refer to pic #3). It is easier to install one button at a time, just unhook the wires and press on the side of the button to release. You can see where to press to release the buttons, the image below is the regular button in white.

To install the new buttons is the same way but in reverse!

Now here is the a picture of the buttons installed with the wires!


How it looks like from the outside!

After I have installed all the parts, I took my newly modded stick to for a test run on Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. The Sanwa buttons are more sensitive to the touch and the old ones, very accurate! The Sanwa Stick is the same way, very accurate on all of the commands that I use and it feels its been broken in after a few match.

This is a great way to give an old stick a new life after the years of abuse! I wold also recommend this to anyone willing to get a hands on experience on modding a stick, now fight on!!!

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