Aliens Took My Girl

atmgReady for something new and yet familiar in the sub space of Motion Comics? Well, good sir, this one might be for you. Aliens Took My Girl from Conduit Productions just released the first issue for a selected audience that signed up for it at Wonder Con. I was there and I just watched it; continue reading for my review and more.

First the description “When Oliver discovers that an alien artifact of intergalactic relevance was passed on to him by his late mother, he shows it to the one person he trusts, his former babysitter and newest crush Victoria. Not knowing that the carrier of the artifact might be in jeopardy he blindly gives the artifact to Victoria only to get abducted by the aliens who are looking for it. Now it is up to Oliver and his uncle Leon, to save the girl and potentially the universe along the way. Will they make it in time?” From Aliens Took My Girl on Facebook. Their website just takes us to the first issue right now and that requires a special password.

Oddly enough and I still don’t know why, but this reminds me of the good ole days playing Commander Keen. Of course at that time it was the Aliens that ate his babysitter. The first issue does show potential, however it doesn’t seem too original. There are definitely some very creative aspects, especially involving the comedy tossed in. The writing at this stage seems average and the artwork was pretty sweet. It was enjoyable to watch/read but it just didn’t abduct me and leave me with much of a desire to continue. The story itself contains many ideas and stereotypes that have been done before. That being said, it’s worth taking a look at as my cup of tea may not be yours. Check out their trailer below.

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