And as the season draws to a close…

I am somewhat caught up! Really sorry about slacking lately, summer is just a lazy time for all of us…I think. For me at least; I’ve been caught up with my first few commissions (yay~) but I have been watching anime while making said commissions; let me just say that these animes weren’t close to what I expected out of them, and that I might go past the first episode when I describe it (since I marathoned a lot of them). Also, if I miss a series or repeat one…I kept the list of animes I watched updated on a file on my flashdrive.

This is my flashdrive

I accidentally kicked it while it was plugged in =w=; So yeah…let me know if I’m missing/recommenting on a series.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-San- To sum up what this series is about (without spoilers): It is a Harem series; Mashiro is our main character, and he is a “normal high schooler”. One day, he just so happens to get attacked by aliens, and this girl– who claims to be a part of the Cthulhu family– appears and saves him, claiming she was sent to Earth to protect him.This series was…something.

(May contains some spoilers, but I’ll cross them out) At first it was tolerable; mythical creatures were referenced to, namely Cthulhu (Nyaruko), and they were after Mashiro for some unknown reason. Slowly the story dwindles down to a harem anime with random battles and scenarios thrown in and blah blah. I kinda liked it at first; it was like watching Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? but near the later episodes I really hated it. Nyaruko is so…ugh. She annoys the life out of me; I get it that she likes Mahiro, and is competing with a little shota boy (erm…that’s later on in the series, and I could’ve sworn he was a little girl) and one of her friends for Mahiro, but she’s so loud and obnoxious about it, that it makes me want to stab my ears with a fork.  Oh and that’s a running gag in the series, Mahiro stabs Nyaruko with a fork when she gets annoyingly lovey-dovey, as he doesn’t know if he loves her or not. Honestly, I’m not fond of this series anymore because it’s really starting to irritate me. I finished it hoping it would get better…it didn’t.

Shiba Inuko-San- I was afraid to watch this; I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. So the idea is that there’s a high school girl who looks like a dog, but is really a girl. This may sound ridiculous and like a hideous insult, but I’m quite certain she is a dog. I mean look at her…This is a short, which I think is made by the people who made Recoder to Randoseru (as it’s promoted in the first minute), and is only, I believe 2 minutes long. They’re made for a quick laugh, but I…just don’t get it.

Gakkatsu- You remember homeroom, right? I don’t, my school doesn’t follow that system. This series of shorts is based around that short period; the class president likes to hold little debates/discussions during these sessions if there’s time, and they’re quite odd. For instance, in episode one, they’re trying to find out what is “that bump”. Which bump? Hold your arm as if you’re looking at a wrist watch; notice that odd bump there? That’s the one. Well the advisor brings up a debate regarding as to what it is, and what it’s called. The class is pretty diverse, so you get answers like “Who cares”, “(insert random made up name)”, or “(Insert really long scientific name here)” It’s very silly. I’m not sure how to describe the animation…it’s very, erm, dramatic? I can’t really describe it; it’s unique. I’d suggest taking a look into it; it only runs for 3 minutes, and you can really just start on any episode. It’s pretty amusing and crazy as the debates are so random.

Kuroko no Basuke- I’m not a sports person, so once again this didn’t appeal much to me. The first episode didn’t dwell TOO much into the sport, as it was mainly an intro to our characters. So, episode one; the school year kicks off and it takes place in a high school; club signups are going on, and the basketball team fears they won’t get enough kids to sign up. They see all sorts of traits and characters, and forget about that one boy who was “always there” and was on a famous middle school team. First day of practice, and the manager assesses the boys on what they should do to improve their body in terms of strengths and stamina, and whatnot. one boy doesn’t show up to practice, or so they assume. He was always there, and they find he’s extremely lacking. Stuff happens with him and a top notch guy who lived in America for some time, and we see how lacking this invisible boy is. A practice match between the first years and upperclassmen starts, and we see this kid’s potential. From there, we can conclude it’s just a series about a boy who has a special ability that will lead his team to something big. Since I’m not really into sports animes, I don’t really know what to look for to determine if it’s good or not…

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia- As interesting as this series sounded, I was afraid to jump into it because horror doesn’t sit well with me, ever. But in all honesty, I would describe this as more of a suspense/thriller series or even a much more romance driven anime than horror. Basically, this series starts out about a school’s “paranormal activity” club,  where the school’s mysteries are investigated and solved. There are only four members of the club, but only three are there as the “president never shows up”. We see throughout the first half of the episode that things are odd, and that a ghost is present in the club room. It’s all a little bit weird but the second half of the episode clears a lot up in regards to what happened, why, and we learn something interesting about this ghost in the club room. I was going to keep it a mystery until you watched, but it seems the synopsis gives it away…the president is the ghost, and she has no recollection of why she’s there and how she died. There are two members that can see the ghost, and try to find a way to bring her to peace. All in all, I enjoyed the series (since there’s only one episode left…) but there was only one time when I was alarmed, if anything and it was because it was like a very small glimpse at a eerie looking shadow and I spazzed out and cut off the episode (it was the very end anyways). It does have quite a bit of romance in it, which can get annoying at times, but you get over it it’s not as bad as Haiyore. I would recommend checking this out if you like dark mysteries and paranormal stuff.

Hyouka- Eh this one didn’t stand out to much to me; I also didn’t really understand what was going on. So the obvious parts are that there’s a literature club at school, and it was run by a boy’s older sister. She moved on and forced her brother, Houtaru, to take care of it and run it for her. Houtaru doesn’t like to get involved with things, but he’s smart and can figure things out that aren’t obvious, pretty fast. Anyways, so we go back to the club; one other girl joined and she’s in the club room first, but it’s locked when Houtaru gets there. He does a little bit of investigating and questioning and finds that she got in right before the janitor locked the room. The girl is so starry eyed over this and the next day they follow a mystery that…has an interesting story behind it. I should probably watch a few more episodes before I decide it’s boring, but it’s just not that appealing to me so far. I think Kolby is watching it and he probably has a different opinion than I do, so I’d say take a look at it before judging. I’d guess that’s it’s a drama/comedy series, but the animation has that “serious” look to it.

Jormungand- Military/business/gun things aren’t my cup of tea either, but this wasn’t so bad. The first episode is pretty much all an introduction to the characters; Jonah is a young boy who lost his family to war. He’s hated guns and weapons because of this, but due to the state of war in his country he has no choice but to learn how to fight using the hated artillery. Eventually he gets picked up by a female named Koko. She’s an arms dealer; she scams and cons people to the point that there are assassins out to get her. That’s what Jonah is for. He joins a group that not only helps Koko’s business, but also protects her and everyone else on the team (he’s also there because they offered to help find the people who killed his parents). Basically every episode has a gunfight/business “negotiation”, and we see that the team has interesting and unique characters rather than stiff, one dimensional, militaristic members. I watched it a bit but it’s just ok to me, nothing really outstandish, but I don’t understand this stuff very well…

Medaka Box – Dat fanservice. That is all  For some odd reason I always assumed this was some fantasy series that involved battles, until I watched the anime. Why did I think this? Well I didn’t pay close attention to the cover image and when all I saw was the uniform had a girl’s chest hanging out, I assumed it had something to do with battle, not school =w=; This series is about a girl, Medaka, who wins the school president election by a landslide. Her campaign was centered around a box in which requests would be taken and promptly answered. The first episode involved a request to clean up and remove the delinquents from the school’s dojo. With the forced help of her childhood friend, Medaka quickly sorts this out and some cheesy childhood friend stuff comes into play, like how she only wants him by her side, and he wouldn’t imagine leaving her to do stupid things on her own. I’m not sure how I feel about this series, but I’m not too fond of it. I’ll give it a few more episodes before I come to a final conclusion….

Yurumates 3D- It kinda sounds like “Your room mates” if you pronounce it that way…This is a series of shorts about an apartment complex named “Masion Du Wish”. The main character, Yuru, is fresh out of high school and gets a place there to prepare for college acceptance exams. What she expects is a fancy place, but gets the opposite along with the fact that every student who has stayed there never gets into their college of choice. It’s a silly gag series based around the mishaps these students get, and probably an explanation as to why no one in this apartment really gets into college.

AKB0048- This series was actually pretty interesting, but it’s probably not appealing to others. It’s very desu… the setting is futuristic and eventually you figure out that humans live on many plants. On most planets, all forms of entertainment have been banned. When something has been banned, what happens? Underground/blackmartket means of getting it. In this case, it’s literally, underground shows . A group of female singers go planet to planet, to perform regardless if it’s banned or not. They have to be able to fight while performing as well due to high security on these planets. It so happens that a group of young girls sees one performance and are amazed by it. We see them again when they’re older and they learn of auditions to become girls in the group as the 70something th generation. Of course the girls run into silly little problems that try to stop them from pursuing their dream, but they choose to go for it and audition. Obviously this is pretty music based. I think I’m growing fond of music animes; I liked this one quite a bit. It’s very cutesy. At times it’s a tad too childlike for me but I still like it. Though I have to admit, their moe-desu-watery eyes bother me pretty often…

Kokoro Connect- Now I’m not sure if I got  a messed up stream or not, but I believe an episode only runs for 11 minutes; I also found out that it’s listed in the summer season list for July release, so it may just be a preview. I read the manga for this a while back and forgot all about it until I was like “Why does this look familiar?” The idea of the series and the first episode is pretty simple. We see five students waking up to perform their daily routine; two of them seem confused and keep asking themselves “was it a dream?” Skip a bit forward to school and we see these five are friends, and those two are arguing about something. We hear a bit more backstory on these friends: they all met due to clubs.It was either they couldn’t choose a club, didn’t want to join one, or they joined a made up club, they were all placed into the Culture club. The day begins normal, the members appear one by one and discuss club related things and normal teenager things (or at least I’d assume they were normal). Then the two that were arguing come in and act all awkward. This is when our plot is revealed. Briefly that night, the two had switched bodies. They weren’t sure if it was real or not, so they left a sign in each other’s room (at least the guy’s spirit did; he pretty much trashed the girl’s room). Everyone thinks it’s all a joke and go about things normally until a different girl runs to go get her bag from the classroom. She ends up switching bodies with the other boy; he get confused and…well I’m leaving it at that. The episode ends shortly after the two realise what happens. I believe the current chapter/s of the manga covers a bit more (I only read I think the first one when it came out), but not much more. I look forward to the rest of this series; maybe it’ll take over my feels when Sakamichi no Apollon and Tsuritama end.

And I think that about wraps this season up (not counting sequals because of reasons); there were some animes I couldn’t find, but they might not be out yet, so I’ll get back on those. I’ll be sure to keep up with next season’s!

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