Angry Birds are back…In SPACE!!!!!

The birds are back and angry for this latest installment of Angry Birds Franchise called Angry Birds Space. Set in outer space, you play as birds now trying to get back egg-shaped meteors from the green evil Pigs.

Angry Birds Space launched on March 22, 2012 and features elements from the original Angry Birds games as well as new gameplay mechanics and contains 60 initial levels with extra levels available as free updates and in-app purchases. The game features new bird characters that carry their own unique abilities, such as the Ice Bird that freeze any destructible objects and Pigs. One of my birds to use is the “Homing Missile” Bird, this bird  once launched will increase its speed after touching what object you want to destroy. All the birds have the same special abilities from the exploding bomb, the triple bird shot to the big red bird.

The new levels have destructible meteorites, ice and the regular objects that surround and protect the Pigs from certain destruction. But, I’am most impressed by how you can use the gravity of the planets in the level to help move around to take out the pigs and a new way to enjoy this game. There are also bonus objects in the levels to help you earn more points, but there are the Golden Meteor Eggs that are hidden in certain levels that can transport you to a bonus level via a black hole.

This game is a must for any fans of the original Angry Birds, or first time players (I have no idea for the people who never played Angry Birds) it is a fun game to pass the time on a boring Sunday afternoon or just to kill time. I enjoy this game a whole lot more than the original, but as of now I will be waiting (along with many fans of the game) until the release of new levels to download via patch, game upgrade or just forking up the money to get the extras.

Until then fellow geeks, game on!

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