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Scenic Sevierville, Tennessee houses one of my very favorite conventions to attend: Anime Southeast! I you are looking for a convention that is laidback and just a fun time to hang out with friends and meet voice actors, then this is the convention for you! Although I was only able to attend the convention for two days this year, both days were filled with fun!

Anime Southeast is a third year convention that was held in early May of this year. This was a change from the previous two years, as the convention was held in July before. Connected to the Smoky Mountain convention center, where the convention is held, is the Smoky Mountain Resort. The Smoky Mountain resort is a little different than most other convention hotels that I have been to; it has an indoor water park! Aside from the amazing con hotel, the surrounding area is also stunning. The resort has a beautiful golf course, which many a photographer at this convention have used for amazing photos.

Guests for this year’s convention included: American voice actor Vic Mignogna, Japanese and American voice actress Lisle Wilkerson, American voice actress Jessica Calvello, American voice actress Lisa Ortiz, martial artist Samurai Dan, writer and “jack-of-all-trades” Charles Dunbar, game host Greggo of Greggo’s Gameshows, improv comedy group Laugh Out Loud, artists Chalk Twins, cosplay model and guest Vedetta Marie, and J-Fashion guru and photographer ScatterDOTFashion. The line-up for this convention was pretty intense, as you can see. Needless to say, there was never a dull moment with all of this talent in the house.
When I arrived Saturday, everything was already in full swing: Cosplayers were out and about, panels were happening, and people were chatting to others. Being a smaller convention, it’s to be expected that cosplays were not as elaborate as larger conventions; however, this was not the case. The cosplay game was definitely a strong one at this convention. I was literally blown away with all of the talent that the convention had to offer this year. It seems like the talent pool gets deeper every year at this convention and I cannot wait to see what the following years hold in the ways of cosplays. I wish that I could list all of the amazing cosplays that I saw, but I’d have to get the registration list from the con heads. Seriously, every one there was amazing.

Now, I’ve never really been one to attend a lot of panels at conventions, but there were quite a few that tempted me into attendance. Whenever I attend a convention that has Greggo’s Gameshows, I have to attend at least one of the game shows. My favorite you ask? That’s easy: Anime Password! I love games that make you think, as well as laugh, and this game is the best! Throw in some celebrity guests, for example voice actors, and you have a hilarious time of them yelling and the contestants looking puzzled. I have attended this gameshow at least 3 different times and I have always end up crying from laughing so hard. If you’re ever at a convention with Greggo’s gameshows, I can high recommend the Anime Password, as well as his Pokemon Game Show!

Continuing on with panels that I deeply enjoyed… If you have ever watched a show called “Whose Line is it Anyways”, then you would love Laugh Out Loud’s panels! While the improve situations are reminiscent of “Whose Line”, there’s a different feel when the anime/gamer/comic crowd gets a hold of the settings, characters, and so on. These guys also did an ‘Improv Against Humanity’ panel (18+, of course) where teams had to play cards to see what the actors would be acting out. Let me tell you… If you’ve ever wanted to see some hilarious antics, and you’re over 18, this panel is the one for you! Again, another panel that I nearly died laughing in! Plus, as an added bonus, you got to hear some pretty hilarious stories from the guys as the cards were chosen.

The convention schedule was literally packed with amazing panels and I wish that I had enough time in the weekend to have gone to all of them.

Overall, I love this convention and have been in attendance for all three years that it has been in operation. So take my recommendation, if you’re a person that likes smaller conventions, and give this one a try!

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