I Just Wanna Mash Buttons

So the Evolution Fighting Game Tournament is tomorrow, and thanks to this wonderfully terrible thing called a job I am able to once again spend five days mashing buttons with people who enjoy mashing buttons as much as I do! Unfortunately, my main game, Skullgirls, is not included as a main game at EVO nor is it getting as much coverage as last year. However, Skullgirls is getting a $2000 pot bonus along with a stream of top 8 on the Madcatz channel. Pretty sweet stuff considering it is only a side game.  Continue reading “I Just Wanna Mash Buttons”

The Show Must Go On

SG Encore


So it may be no secret to many of you that Skullgirls is soon going to be delisted from Xbox Live and PSN services on December 31 of this year thanks to Lab Zero and Autumn Games severing ties with Konami. If this is news to you, then I suggest you check out the explanation from Mike Z himself. As a result of all of this, Mike Z basically had to make a brand new game, which is officially named Skullgirls Encore. If you already own the original Skullgirls, then you do not need to re-buy the game once Encore hits consoles. If you have the PC version of Skullgirls on Steam, then you can already play Encore. You can find other information about Encore on Lab Zero’s website, but let me talk to you about what has actually changed about the gameplay and what you can expect when the new console patch finally hits. Continue reading “The Show Must Go On”

Real Salt, Fake Bets


Tired of hearing about lack of money in the fighting game community, Esports, collusion, the Empire, and other FGC drama? Well too bad, because you’re going to probably keep hearing about that for a while, but why not take a break from all of that and start gambling away your money on the new craze that is Salty Bet?

Though it used to be only a place where people could watch fighting game tournaments and bet on them with fake money, someone came up with the genius idea of turning the Salty Bet site into a place where stream viewers (stream monsters, if you will) bet money on CPUs battling it out in M.U.G.E.N. For those unfamiliar with M.U.G.E.N. it is a fighting game engine where battles like this and THIS are possible. The stream music playlist is excellent (and I really want to get my hands on it), the fights are insane, the odds are real, the stream monsters are monsters (and get pretty rowdy, so prepare for lots of caps and naughty language) the Rare Akumas are rare… check it out now, you will not be disappointed (unless you bet wrong and are sent down to the Salt Mines).

KhaosMuffins’ (Drury) Lane to EVO

So EVO is happening in a few days and I am especially excited this year because I somehow managed to get a chance to attend the event. I am going to EVO to play in the Skullgirls side tournament, and it’s a funny story that the reason that I can even attend EVO is because Super Smash Brothers Melee beat Skullgirls in the EVO donation drive back in February (in which I endlessly pushed for Skullgirls), which gave my older brother a reason to attend EVO and a reason to take me with him. Keikaku doori. But of course, since I’m actually attending EVO, this means that I really have to step up my game if I hope to get far in the tournament. Continue reading “KhaosMuffins’ (Drury) Lane to EVO”

Why Anime is Bad for You.


So anime is pretty great. It takes through the realm of the 2D and bombards you with things such as love, magic, power levels, spiky hair, outrageously large meat buns, swords-that-are-large-sheets-of-metal-which-are-totally-not-overcompensating-for-something, and of course, the feels. Anime has had an impact on the lives of many geeks, for better or worse, and while it has opened up many doors leading to happiness and whatnot, it has also opened up trapdoors to places that should have never existed. With that said, we’ll now open up those forbidden scrolls and talk about why anime is bad for you. Continue reading “Why Anime is Bad for You.”


Image courtesy of the Lab Zero team.

So the past few months for Skullgirls have been crazy. What with the large Indiegogo campaign, the DLC character votes, and the Xbox patch FINALLY releasing. With the Indiegogo drive in particular, the future of the game pretty much became set for a year with a final total of $828,768 dollars being raised for the drive, which is pretty much insane; Mike Z and the Lab Zero team never even imagined that they would have made it past the initial funding point of $150,000! So what will all of this money be used for? Due to the campaign’s success, over the year Skullgirls will be getting 5 new DLC characters, 4 new stages with new music (and two additional stages), and 8 different character voice packs. With the characters, we will be receiving Squigly, Big Band, Eliza, Beowulf, and Robo-Fortune, and currently Squigly is well over halfway finished, so expect her to release by July. If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest Skullgirls news and talk about gameplay, art, music, and the like, be sure to check out the Skullheart forums.

“It’s Just Like One of My Japanese Anime.”



I attended MTAC 2013 over the Easter weekend, making it my second time to ever attend an anime convention, and like last year my MTAC experience did not let me down. Regrettably, I was not able to spend nearly as much time at the convention this year as I did last year, and with the four hours I spent on both Friday and Sunday I did not attend any of the panels or special events. Regardless, with what little time I did spend there, I still managed to have a great time walking around taking pictures of the various cosplayers in their snazzy outfits and engaging in small talk with them about various shows.

Continue reading ““It’s Just Like One of My Japanese Anime.””

Just Use Your Skull (Skullgirls resources and tips)

So Skullgirls has been making a bit of a roar lately, what with the donation drive to becomethe eight game at EVO and the currently ongoing Indiegogo campaign that is working to bring in more DLC characters for the indie title (which you should totally support). General interest in the game seems to rising among both casual and hardcore fighting game players, though the game itself is not exactly the easiest thing to just pick up and play. There already exist tutorials and other resources for those interested in learning Skullgirls, so as I continue to patiently wait for the Xbox 360 patch (don’t give up hope, it will come one day), I would love to provide you guys with the information you need to learn the game while also providing a few tips and tricks of my own which are directed more towards veteran fighting game players.

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Skullgirls Never Die

Finally, after having waited for several months, the Skullgirls patch is finally here (though unfortunately, only on the PS3 so far, but more on this later). The patch, dubbed “Skullgirls: Slightly Different Edition” is more than just slightly different, however. Hundreds of changes and tweaks have been made to improve the gameplay and overall feel of the game; the notes can be found here.

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Developers may Crush (our hopes and expectations)

When the latest Devil May Cry game was announced, I was beaming with joy until the first trailer was revealed. Like most people, I was quite skeptical and did not exactly imagine that anything good could come out with Ninja Theory’s drastic change in direction on the DMC franchise. But I remained hopeful and open-minded. Even with sub-par trailer after sub-par trailer and a pre-release DLC announcement (sigh…), I truly believed that this new DmC had potential to be a good, well, Devil May Cry. Recently, however, my hopes have been dashed.  Continue reading “Developers may Crush (our hopes and expectations)”