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Emily Gardner is an analytical chemist that is passionate about the art of cosplay. With a love for science and costuming, she is ready to take on anything that comes her way. And one day, with the help of her friends, she will become a keyblade master.

Yamacon 2016!


Yamacon LogoYamacon is one of those conventions that you look forward to all year long. Ever since it moved to its new location at the La Conte center, Yamacon has been one that I really can’t wait to attend. Not to say that the old location (now used as the night time venue known as Senpai central) was bad, but the convention had definitely outgrown the smaller center. One thing that really draws me to this convention is the star studded guest lineup. Every year they simply boggle my mind with the voice actors and guests that they manage to round up. Yamacon is simply a convention that you need to experience if you live in the area! Continue reading

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2016

AWA Logo

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2015 was a pretty amazing time. This was my 5th year attending, and my first time being able to be part of the media. As I’ve stated many times before, I love small conventions, however, I love this large convention, too. AWA is generally attended by close to 10,000 people in the most recent years. So yeah, it’s a pretty large convention. I have to give mad props to the staff and crew of the convention as they were courteous to me any time I had a question or concern. And major thanks to the staff of the Renaissance Waverly Hotel in Atlanta for putting up with all of our hijinks and “weirdness” that we bring each year.

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Tech Armor Product Review – Ballistics Screen Protector, Relax Bumper, and 6ft. Charging Cable


Hello again everyone, your neighborhood phone gear fanatic is back with another product review! I was recently able to try out Tech Armor’s new line of Ballistic Screen Protector for the iPhone5, the Relax Series Bumper Full View Case Edgeprotect, and a 6 foot Charging cable. Without further ado, let’s get to the review!

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Review of Amzer Crüsta phone case for iPhone 5/5S and Kristäl Tempered Glass Screen Protector


I have said it before and I will say it again, my phone is my portal to the world and I am nothing without it. I am overly cautious with my phone and will only use cases that offer a lot of protection. I have to say that the Amzer Crüsta phone case definitely went way above and beyond my expectations when my phone’s safety was involved. Continue reading

Anime Southeast 2014

Anime Southeast Logo
Scenic Sevierville, Tennessee houses one of my very favorite conventions to attend: Anime Southeast! I you are looking for a convention that is laidback and just a fun time to hang out with friends and meet voice actors, then this is the convention for you! Although I was only able to attend the convention for two days this year, both days were filled with fun!

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Review of Tech Armor Relax Series SlimProtect iPhone 5 Case


When you care about something very much, you always want to protect it. After all, it holds all of your precious data, appointments, and contacts. Yes, I’m referring to the cellphone. If you are like me, dear readers, then you value your phone more than a lot of things.

Before we get into the actual review, let me give you some background on how I treat my iPhone. I have had two iPhones over the past 4 years. When I traded in my iPhone 4 it was merely because of a factory defect in the sound card. My old phone had only one miniscule scratch on the backside that was almost unnoticeable. My iPhone 5 has only one indention on the bottom, but, like before, it is very small. All that being said, I tend to take very good care of my phones, so I am extremely picky about my cases.

Iphone case
Recently, I was able to try a case for my iPhone 5 from Tech Armor’s Relax series (www.techarmor.com). Upon first receiving my case in the mail, I was a little skeptical. My phone was then in a waterproof case that completely encapsulated it, so I was unsure if this new case could offer my suitable protection. My initial worries were soon dispelled, though. This case is one of the best that I have ever had, although, I would have liked a little more screen protection.

This case has a rubberized coating along the back and sides, which is a big plus for those that use their phones a lot throughout the day. From my use of the case, it does not slide around a lot in my pockets. Even when it is starting to fall out of the pocket, it seems to grip better than cases that do not have this coating. I also noted that this coating seems to not slide around in my hands as much as most other cases that I have used in that past. I feel safe using it, which is one thing that I find very appealing about this case.

While the Relax series does not come with a screen protector, it does have a lip that protects the screen from scratches when it is laid face down on surfaces. Though the lip is there, it is not a hindrance for use. Honestly, I did not even notice the lip until I accidentally slide my phone across a table. With the combination of the lip and rubberized coating, the phone did not get too far, but it was also well protected.

Another aspect that I absolutely adore about this case is that it does not hinder the use of headphones, charging cables, camera, or microphone. My previous case hindered all but the camera, so I am very glad to have a case that gives me the best sound and ease of use again. I was also used to having garbled sound come out of my previous case when I played music through the speakers, but with my Tech Armor case, that is no longer an annoyance. All around, this case has everything that I want in a case.

One of the most impressive things with this case is how thin it is. After using cases that are barely able to fit into my pocket, this is a nice change. It is almost like not having a case at all. Added protection, but no added girth is always a massive plus for those of us that wear pants with ‘girl pockets’.

As mentioned before, I really like to protect my screen. So having a case that does not have that built-in protection is a drawback for me. However, this case is only retailed for $16.95, so I would not mind buying an additional screen protector when getting this case. This is the only downside that I have seen in my experience with this case.

My overall review of this case:
Protection 4/5
Grip 5/5

User friendliness 5/5

I highly recommend this case to anyone that is looking for a case that provides a great protection, ease of use, and a nice silhouette.

For more information, head on over to www.techarmor.com and view their product specs.

Geeks + Easter = MTAC in Love!

MTAC logo

What do you get when you cross anime lovers, cosplayers, gamers, and Easter weekend? I’m sure that most of you know this answer: MTAC (Middle Tennessee Anime Convention)! While a favorite of the 2Shots of Geek crew, this convention always has a lot to offer. Some changes were made to the convention this year; including, but not limited to, a change in location and venue, but nonetheless, the convention was still a success.

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Round 2! Ready… FIGHT! Yama-Con 2013


As convention season comes to a close at 2Shots of Geek, we said good-bye with one final convention: Yama-Con. This 2nd year convention took place December 6-7 in Pigeon Forge, TN. Despite the wintry weather and freezing temperatures, fun was had by all! I was only able to attend about a day and a half all together due to weather and working schedules, but I had a blast!

Before I get into my experience at this convention, let me tell you what I really loved about this convention. I loved how this convention was in the mountains; the Pigeon Forge area is beautiful in December with all of the lights and sights. I also loved how kind and informative every single one of the staffers that I talked to were! Thank you all so much for being so helpful with all of my questions and being so informative. One more thing that I absolutely loved about this convention was the guests. I have NEVER seen so many big names guests at a smaller convention. But… HOLY DRAGONBALLS! If you were a fan of DragonBall Z, then you were in voice actor heaven! With VA’s for Goku, Krillin, Master Roshi, Android 17, and so many more, Yama-Con really had a great troupe this year! In total, Yama-Con had 7 Voice actors as guests (Sean Schemmel, Sonny Strait, Johnny Yong Bosch, Mike McFarland, Paul St. Peter, Chuck Huber, and Little Kuirboh), 3 Celebrity Zombie guests (Larry Mainland, Sonya Thompson, and Jim O’Rear), a martial artist (Dan Netherland, and Greg Wicker from Greggo’s Gameshows. In addition to the celebrity and voice actors, there were also a lot of musical guests, 8 in total!

Friday night was a great time to get settled into the convention. When I arrived, there was the “Iron Cosplay” competition going on. If you’ve never heard of a competition like this, then you really need to see it. Basically, you are creating a costume out of random items with a team of a few others and a model.  While I did not get to see the end results of the competition, it looked like a really fun time. Most of Friday night was spent getting badges, checking into hotels, and discovering the layout of the convention.

Saturday was a much busier day. First stops were the Artist Alley and Dealer’s Room. For a small convention, you generally get smaller dealer’s rooms; however, at Yama-Con, this was not the case. This room was massive for a smaller convention and packed to the brim with amazing things! With everything from old school animes to new school figurines, this was one of the most amazing Dealer’s Rooms that I have been in! The Artist Alley was also packed with amazing artists and was always packed with people. I spent more money in this artist alley than I ever have at convention before, and it was all very much worth it! (I love attending conventions right before Christmas so that I can buy all of my nerdy/geeky friends the perfect present.)

Throughout the day at Yama-con, we were running into people that we knew from other conventions. Needless to say, this was a great convention to catch up with people that we hadn’t seen in a good while. In addition to talking, we also ran into the nice staffers from Akaicon, which we attended in October, and Anime Blast, which we attended in November.  Both groups seemed to be enjoying the convention!

I have to say that one of my very favorite parts of the convention was meeting the one and only: Little Kuriboh! Some of you may know this name from the Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series, while others may know him from DBZ: Abridged. Martin Billany (A.K.A. Little Kuriboh) is one of the nicest guests that I have ever had the opportunity to talk to. Throughout the convention, you could find him at his booth (which, in addition to his own banner, was decorated with Yu-Gi-Oh! bedsheets) chatting with fans of his work or just chatting in general. I stopped by his table dressed in my Jaden Yuki (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX) and was able to cross “Talk to Little Kuriboh while dressed as a YGO character” right off my Convention bucketlist. Later on, I was able to interview Martin and got one of my most favorite interviews of all time!

I wanted to get even more interviews from all of the amazing voice actors that attended this convention, but time and weather did not allow for this, much to my dismay. Perhaps next Yama-con will bring in just as many great voice actors and voice actresses as it did this year. I did get a signature from three of the voice actors: Sonny Strait (Maes Hughes – Full Metal Alchemist, I had him sign my FMA manga), Little Kuriboh (he signed my Winged Kuirboh), and Paul St. Peter (voice of Xemnas from Kingdom Hearts II, of course I had him sign my badge!).

Apart from the Voice actors, panels, and fun; Yama-Con also had a Charity Auction in which the proceeds went to Pets without Parents. Pets without Parents is a no-kill pet shelter located in nearby Sevierville, TN.  I’ve not heard a final amount on how much was raised, but I am hoping that it was a lot! Great job Yama-Con!

In all, the convention was a great success! Even with the weather and setbacks that were brought upon the staff, they put on a fabulous show. Thank you from all of us attendees! We can’t wait to go back for Round 3!

Yama-Con’s Official website: http://www.yamacon.org/

Yama-Con’s Official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yama-Con-Anime-Comic-Convention/416492768436164