Autocracy #10 Review

Transformers_Autocracy_10Last issue we saw the rise of Optimus Prime after Orion Pax was left for dead. Hot Rod was getting ready to make a tough choice as the many Autobots had been captured. All would seem perilous for our heroes. Once again, these last issues have been a great story thus far and you really should read them before reading issue ten.

Let’s talk about the artwork. It is wonderfully drawn and colored. You can see the emotion, the souls, the pain of the characters. It fits this chapter of the story arc. However, there are a few panels that seem to lack a bit of detail. Overall, it does not detract from the story.

As for that story that has had me hooked from issue one? This is getting heavy, the conflict just pops out at you. You can feel the writing as characters are torn, you really get a solid sense of what’s going on in the minds of these characters. The dialogue is perfect and captures the each character properly. The transition from Orion Pax to Optimus Prime is eloquently done.

Everything is starting to come together. We see the return of our primary hero and the rise of another larger than life character. It’s hard to stop right here and not say anymore. I don’t want you getting spoiled, but let’s say Optimus has something to show the team that may tip the balance. Out now as a digital download, I suggest you read it.  IDW is continuing to publish amazing comics.

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