Batman and Harley Quinn review

Over the weekend, I was lucky enough to be at San Diego Comic Con and caught the premiere of Batman and Harley Quinn.I have to admit the reaction by the audience was a whole lot of laughter. Bruce Timm did it again with another solid animated film. Seriously, somebody get him involved the in the live action movies. That said let’s take a look and what grows on us in this movie.

Harley is no longer a criminal, she’s trying to be good and seems to be getting by. Meanwhile, Batman and Nightwing are hot on the trail of Poison Ivy and Floronic Man who have a diabolical plan to save (destroy, maybe,) the world. Who better to help track down Ivy than her old BFF Harley? Yeah, I wasn’t sure about that team up either. But it works.

From the title sequence which reminded me of the Pink Panther cartoons to the animation style of Batman the Animated series, the sights were spot on. The story blended the animation perfectly and left us with a ton of laughs. Batman is stretched to an almost breaking point and steps out of the typical expected role, but still the Batman we know. He sets up a few surprise laughs. Nightwing gets way more than he bargains for, but I don’t think he minded that. Harley is still crazy as a loon, but in a good way. We get plenty of cameos of bad guys or their henchmen, even a few other heroes.

This is not your usual Batman story. It works wonderfully with a way that will leave anyone with a few or more laughs. Laughs, laughs, a song, flatulence and saving the world is what it’s all about. It was incredible well written and played perfectly with the animation. We also have a stellar voice cast with Kevin Conroy back as Batman, Melissa Rauch as Harley, Loren Lester as Nightwing among others. I would have to recommend watching this movie with friends and family so you can feed off each others laughter. Oh, and hide the plants.

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