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Batman: Dailies and Sundays Complete is the second collection volume of Silver Age Batman comics. It collects all of the comic strips from 1968 to 1969, and thats a very impressive size. These comics were split up by days and continued an overarching story over the course of several months.  That frankly surprised me. I figured they would just be 3 or 4 panels of situations like revealing new gadgets, or training Robin, and other things like that. So while it was a surprise, It was a fantastic one.

It’s hard to talk about each story for a review purpose since their were several, so I’m just going talk about the overall structure and whatnot. So since each story takes months to complete, they break it down into different sections. For example one of the stories has a start chapter, a plane chapter, ocean, etc, etc.  It made it nice for multiple readings. And I say this as trying to read it in a couple days got to make the stories get slightly boring, however when i read a section or two a day it keep the story interesting and pure fun to read. So I’d definitely recommend taking your time through this one as its almost 300 pages long.

Everything else aside, this collection is pure fun to read. Especially since its the lighthearted Batman from the Sixties. As dark, and gritty as Batman currently is, its a nice change to read something more lighthearted and to see how our hero started out. So if you don’t mind the lighthearted, albeit cheesy Silver Age Batman, this is definitely a comic you need in your collection.

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