Bit-ting heart baby…

So that day is coming.

You know, the other media and retail engorged holiday that we’re told to drop buckets of our hard earned money in to?


Yep, that day. And believe it or not geeks need love too, but to be honest we have better things to spend money on(video games, electronics, a suit of iron, a bat cave, Japanese moss balls, etc…)

So if you heeded my advice last year and caught yourself that shiny or legendary Pokemon (congrats) and you don’t really have the gold nuggets to buy all the fancy things here’s a cool card idea that is awesome on many levels… its easy, handmade and geeky.

8-bit heart cards!

8-bit heart cards! There’s a pretty easy to use tutorial and template courtesy of the peeps at Minieco. Link is there v

So check that out and get creative and let us see what you made!

(and if you ran out of pokeballs stay tuned for my latest geeky love advice video)

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