Blast From The Past? – Saint Seiya Omega Episode 7 Review

I apologize for the lack of coverage on Saint Seiya Omega. I have been watching it, I’ve just been really busy, and wanted to give it a different spin. How would I feel reviewing things after seeing what happens next? I’ve already seen up to episode 9, and things are…interesting. I will get into that in individual episodes though. For now, I will concentrate on episode 7. It’s one we’ve been waiting for. The fight between young Pegasus and Lionnet, and also we get to see the Eagle in action. How did it go?First off, a random rant. Why is it that so many Saints are douchebags? Seriously, you signed up to protect the goddess Athena, there is no promise of personal glory. You are not told you are doing anyone a favor. I say this because at the beginning, we get to see Yuna in action, against the Dolphin Saint…who is a bit of a jerk. Why he is full of himself is beyond me, but Yuna uses sound judgement, technique, and power. She beats him up in short order. Reminds you of the times in the old series when a bad guy would mouth off to one of the Bronze Saints and they’d beat them in one hit. Same thing here after some adversity.

The night before their fight, Kouga and Souma train hard. They are told they should rest but who cares, you’re Saints right? During this time, Geki approaches Kouga, and tells him about his battle with Seiya so many years ago. He mentions how Seiya never gave up, and about the awesome Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken. Why wouldn’t he remember? Seiya beat the crap out of him, in fantastic fashion, against all odds, showing the wonder of the series.

We finally get to see Kouga and Souma fight. It’s a very even battle, with several nods to the few even matches in Saint Seiya. We don’t want to see either one lose, but we have a good idea of where this will end. Souma puts up a fantastic fight, and even uses a new technique he discovered, the most redundantly named technique ever I think(Lionnet Burning Fire). It seems Souma has the fight won, then Kouga remembers Geki’s words and gets back up, channeling Seiya’s spirit. He unleashes the Ryu Sei Ken, and wins the fight. Predictable, but still very fun to watch.

At the end of the episode, we see that “Athena” is coming to Palaestra. We can easily guess it’s the other girl in the intro, but who is she really? The headmaster looks crooked, and we have a “fake” Athena…seem familiar? I was hoping they would take this in a unique direction, but from watching the preview…I didn’t have high hopes. I’m not sure it went in the direction I had hoped just yet, even now. We shall see as this continues, but I will have a review of episode 8 up before week’s end. Keep posted, true believers.

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