Blurring The Lines – Major Gaming Support For Smartphone Platforms

We love games here at 2 Shots of Geek, I think that’s obvious. As far as Smartphone platform preference, while we predominantly support Android here(must of us have Android phones), we do not shun the other platforms. We do have one iPhone and one Windows Phone in the group, so we have all the bases covered. That being said, I believe that Nintendo and Sony should really be worried not just about each other, but about platforms like the iOS and Android. They already have a plethora of games unique to their platforms, but we have some major console titles both already available and coming for Smartphones

Let’s start with one of my favorite developers. Twisted Pixel is responsible for such favorites as Splosion Man, Comic Jumper, and most recently, Ms. Splosion Man. I’ve played all their games and love them to death, since they are all about fan service. They recently announced that Ms. Splosion Man will be coming to PC, Steam, iOS, and Windows Phone. Yes, I’m sad there’s no Android support, but I’m glad Ms. Splosion Man is branching out! We should be getting these releases this Fall, and I can’t wait to try it out! I think if made right, Ms. Splosion Man is a great game for a Smartphone. They recently showed some of the game at PAX, and the response was positive. It looks like being bought by Microsoft didn’t deter them from the greater good!

Next up is an oldie but goodie. Sega is getting ready to release Sonic 4 Episode 2, and their bringing him to every platform they can. Sonic 4 Episode 2 is coming out on iOS and Android in addition to XBL and PSN. This isn’t their first foray into mobile. Sonic CD has already been released on Android and iOS. It worked pretty well(hope to have a review up on it soon), and I’m looking forward to the next installment. Episode 2 is supposed to end the Sonic 4 saga. The scheduled release right now is Mid-May on all platforms. Reception was warm at MWC for the Android, so it’s looking good!

Last off, we have Rockstar Games, bringing out Max Payne on iOS and Android on April 26. Max Payne isn’t anything new, but it continues to show Rockstar’s support for mobile platforms. The game shows a control scheme similar to the recently released Grand Theft Auto 3 for mobile. No pricing has been set, but I like Rockstar’s strategy. They are bringing out old titles in series they are visiting again this year, that way we can be nostalgic with the classics on the road, and be nice and ready when Max Payne 3 and Grand Theft Auto 5 come out on consoles this year.

These are just a few of the many games coming out soon. We already have support from major companies like Square Enix on iOS, and Namco and EA on Android and iOS. That’s not even counting the already huge list of quality mobile developers like Halfbrick, Kairosoft, Com2US, Gameloft, and many others. We have awesome games like Infinity Blade, Age of Zombies, Modern Combat 3, Zenonia, Battle Heart, and many more. It is a fantastic time to be a gamer, no matter the place! We will keep you informed on as many as we can right here. Geek on, no matter where you are!


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