Can Aviator’s Roc the Nation?

imageI’m kicking back listening to some tunes. The best quality I can to thoroughly put these headphones through the paces. Skullcandy’s Roc Nation Aviator headphones are something to admire on paper, but are they really that good?

Ray Charles’ Genius Loves Company album is one I turn to often. It’s one of a few with a strong clean sound with high and lows and in HD audio, if you happened to find that version. As I write I’m listening to that sweet sound and such a beautiful album it is.

Alas, before we get to the results; allow me to give you the specifications. First we find the typical aspects of a high quality pair of headphones or speakers. These are a Mylar driver, Neodymium magnet providing a 20-20 kHz Frequency Response with an Impedance of 65 ohms. You really can’t get much better that those. The speaker diameter is a nice 40mm.

The build quality is very nice with a braided nylon cord of 1.3m. I always prefer braided imageversus rubber/plastics as you are less likely to have a problem with tangles and fraying. The speaker housing is polycarbonate with a beautiful polished surface. Stainless steel and aluminum make up the foldable frame. As you can see in the picture they look sweet and come in multiple colors.

Next the sound! It’s the sound that matters most. And these deliver a very high quality sound. I have tested these with both my iPod Touch and my HP laptop with Beats Audio. With Beats Audio enabled these sound perfect as the software enhances the mix to provide just the right amount of bass. Without Beats and on my iPod I still find the quality excellent, yet the bass is lacking just a hair. The volume and play/pause controls on the cable work very well. Ray Charles always gives me chills with that incredible voice! I also hit shuffle to validate my findings with various artists and genres and these findings stand.

One other nice feature is a microphone built right into the the controls on the cable. This allows someone with a iPhone to take a call while wearing or as I did with my iPod- record a voice memo. The quality of that recording was fair. It was clean with only a few bits of static and outside noise. Ah, here comes ZZ Top with some bass!

imageNow that I have spent the last two hours with the Aviators over my ears I can report on the comfort. Adjusting them to fit my head was easy and painless. They fit right over my ears with a good shape, doesn’t bother my funny looking ears either. In fact, they are mostly comfortable. Mostly; they are ever slightly a little heavier than even my studio headphones. This extra weight is not noticeable right away, but over the course of the last few hours put a slight strain on my neck. I can’t see myself using them for an extended period of time.

When all is said and done these are a very high quality and well made pair of headphones with the nice added features of volume, play/pause buttons, and a microphone built in to the cable. Yet, they can be uncomfortable to some as the weight seems slightly high for extended use. Still they give some incredible sound and at $149.99 you’ll have a tough time finding better over the ear style headphones.

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