Capcom + Sega + Namco = Project X Zone! Trailer Released!


It seems impossible, but it’s happening. Japan is getting a cross-over between Capcom, Sega, and Namco! This isn’t the first major cross-over Japan has gotten that we haven’t received in the U.S. Many years ago, Namco and Capcom got together for a joint project, called Namco X Capcom. Looks like the X thing came from before huh? The game was an RPG, which is the same thing we are getting with Project X Zone. That was one game I was really sad I didn’t get a chance to play, mainly because of all the possibilities for fan service. Enough history though, take a look at the trailer! 

Do you feel the hype? For one, it’s Mega Man X! How long has it been since we’ve seen Mega Man X?! Project X Zone is going to be an RPG, and you can already see all the star power involved. Ryu, Ken, Zero, Mega Man X, Jin, Dante, Dimitri, Ulala…so many more. Think about all the potential interactions! Dante and Jin? Ulala and Ken? Mega Man X and Akira? The mind boggles! I hope that we get this game over here, it is full of epicness! Project X Zone is coming out this year in Japan. Let’s just hope we get it on this side of the pond. This would make me pick up my 3DS again after I finish Kingdom Hearts 3D 🙂


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