Captain America, A Castaway (Dimension Z)

Z is for Zola and our beloved Captain American is 90 years old in this bizarre tale. Castaway in Dimension Z sees Steve Rogers tricked, captured and transported to an Alien Dimension run by the devious Arnim Zola. Zola has shaped the reality here, enslaved the inhabitants. Cap is experimented on, but escaped with a child- Zola’s baby boy! This was a truly fun story arc to read.

I think the shocking nature of the this completely alien landscape sets a wonderful tone of survival against all odds. Rogers tries to save a child while escaping himself, not knowing the child was Zola’s and he had a sister. This truly twisted tale has Rogers fighting for his life for years, with enemies all around, before he can return home with “his” son, Ian. But how can one settle back into normal life after such a long, trying ordeal?

I won’t spoil anymore than that, but I do recommend reading this story arc. Rick Remender wrote a great story that I had could not put down. And the art by John Romita Jr. is nothing short of spectacular. This is a must read and a story arc that will stand the test of time. Go read it.

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