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Our phones have become such an essential staple in our modern lives, if you’ve ever had a shattered screen or a bricked phone you know the reality of how helpless you feel. That being said it’s pretty important to protect our tiny (and not so tiny) mobile children whether it’s by means of a shiny protective skin, a hardcore waterproof case, or just a simple snap on case.

I fall somewhere into the category of simple and fashionable and unique. But sometimes there’s a price to pay for that vanity and my most recent case has shattered (much like my dreams).

Luckily SkinIt was kind enough to provide me with some cases and skins to review and  I will be showing you the hard case after the break.

Here are the sad remains of my previous case.

Here are the sad remains of my previous case.

Not all cases are created equally and not everyone uses their phone in the same way either. Since women’s pants rarely have anything resembling a functional pocket my phone is either hand carried, shoved in a purse, held in my mouth, etc…. That’s a lot of wear and tear that’s happening. I generally stay away from cases with the dual-layered silicon/rubber lining because i simply hate the way it drags on things and stretches out and gets gross. So selecting this case from SkinIt was already a jump for me.

Now for those of you not familiar with the SkinIt company they have been around for quite sometime now, predating touchscreen phones (shocking!). Based out of San Diego originally they only carried 3M adhesive Vinyl stickers that you applied to your electronics like your consoles, iPods, Nokia’s and Sidekicks among things. Now they also carry hard cases and a million other device accessories! The concept has stayed the same, you can choose designs from a large library of different themes and patterns and most recently a large licensed library of your favorite DC, Star Wars and Marvel designs as well as uploading your own designs and photos.

(I will be reviewing both predesigned skins and custom skins in my next round)

So my current phone is the Samsung Galaxy S5, I like the design and how it feels in my hand so naturally i want a phone case that won’t detract from this design element. So for my particular model SkinIt carries 4 different phone cases with different options.

  • Lenu: 1 piece snap on case w/ Vinyl skin starting at $19.99
  • Cargo: 2 piece hard shell and liner case w/ Vinyl skin starting at $24.99
  • Inkfusion Pro: 2 piece shell and liner case with printed design
  • Inkfusion Lite: 1 piece hard shell with printed design

skinit_cases_galaxys5_SNTGS5_CARGO_BRANDEDskinit_cases_galaxys5_DSTXYS5X1_pro_BRANDED skinit_cases_galaxys5_DSBXYS5X1_lite_BRANDED

I went with the Inkfusion Pro in a Marvel Captain America design.


The design was printed on beautifully, you can’t feel the “print” at all so I’m confident that I won’t be experiencing anything scratching off anytime soon. The image wraps and hugs around the case smoothly unlike some of the “custom printed” cases you see at the mall that are limited to certain print areas only.

The shock absorbing layer fits the phone very snugly, leaving access to the ports and not hindering your button usage. It’s also not sticky or slick like other cases I’ve used to dust attraction is fairly minimal. Also there is a slight lip around the screen edge providing a protected bevel if you drop your phone but not blocking any part of your screen.


The hard shell simply snaps on over the rubber layer and is very port friendly and non-obtrusive. Nothing difficult that involves 4 hands and a shiv. I’m sure my pup Mage could do it!

So visually and physically this is a very appealing case, it does its job while satisfying your needs for stylish accessories. Of course I AM the reigning queen of clumsy here at 2 Shots so OF COURSE I’ve dropped my phone since I’ve had the case on… and it is Mimi proof! When it fell it of course landed screen down, thats where that little lip came in handy, it cushioned the fall and protected my phone and most importantly my phone’s screen. Also it did not come apart like Arthur’s armor in MvC3! That’s always a plus, i don’t need to fumble all over the place looking for the pieces of my phone and its phone case. It’s not fun, i look like Velma looking for her glasses and might encounter a dude dressed as a monster who’s really another dude.

So all that being said, I suggest you check out SkinIt, they have a HUGE library of options from MLB baseball, military, Hello Kitty to Marvel and Star Wars including any high res images you may have and you definitely get your moneys worth! Personally next time i’d probably get a little flashier with the design i chose. But that’s a personal choice that doesn’t really have any say or impact on the quality and purpose of this case.

Stick around! I’ll be posting my review of the SkinIt Vinyl products very soon!


Note: Products were provided by SkinIt for review purposes only, no other compensation was recieved and all opinions are that of the author and do not reflect 2 Shots as a whole.

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