Jet Pack Fighter now available on iOS from Hi-Rez Studios


Jetpack Fighter is the new Free-to-Play action game from Hi-Rez Studios, the creators of SMITE. In Jetpack Fighter you get to demolish evil robots, as well as other baddies, by using an intuitive swiping action while progressing through each stage. You also get to unlock new fighters and weapons. Also if you connect to a Hi-Rez account you get to unlock Nemesis, a SMITE goddess, to play as in the game. Also once you unlock Leona, a Jetpack Fighter, you get a code to unlock a skin of Leona to use on Nemesis in Smite. Besides the normal mode where you go on missions, there is also a time trial and endless mode. So there are several great ways to hang out with your favorite Fighter.

Hi-Rez studios has experience with esports and they are going to use that knowledge to support Jetpack Fighter into an emerging esport on a mobile platform. Its also Free-to-Play! So if you want a free game with some awesomely awarding gameplay give Jetpack Fighter a shot. Its already available on iOS in English speaking territories.


MediaFire Battles for Cloud Storage Crown

mf-logoIt seems that every day you hear more about cloud storage; that mystical technological endeavor that lets users hoard their documents, photos, music, videos, etc. in storage databases miles away from their devices, letting them free up their invaluable hard drive space. Today, MediaFire has released the free 2.0 update for its iOS cloud services application which has over 37 million registered users around the world and is quickly becoming one of the most popular personal cloud storage services around.

To download MediaFire for iOS, visit:

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Save & Improve – Gympact Review

Gympact IconYou might be wondering why I am reviewing this app. Well…holidays are coming, so we need money. I am not a rich person, so I am looking for ways to make a few extra bucks to buy gifts this Christmas. Plus, the Holidays are coming, so we are looking forward to great meals…and potential weight gain. I am looking to mitigate that as much as possible, so I’m thinking I can knock two birds with one stone here. Introducing Gympact.

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The original pocket monster

Before the phenomenon that is Pokemon we had a different kind of pocket pet, the Tamagotchi. And like most of the 90’s it faded away into the great fad castle in the sky.

Until now you either had to shell out $80 bucks for one on ebay or cry relentlessly.

Well Bandai heard your cries.

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Catch up on the Go – Pokemon TV for Android Review

Screenshots_2013-02-18-00-21-03Pokemon, a worldwide phenomenon years in the making. From its humble beginnings on the original Game Boy, to the all-encompassing media juggernaut it is today, Pokemon has come a long way. I started playing in the blue/red days myself, and was a huge fan of that and the TV show. Yes, it did bother me how the anime never followed the rules of the game(Pikachu beats an Onyx with Thunderbolt…right…), but I liked it nonetheless. I stopped watching years ago due to lack of time, but I have a chance to catch up on what I missed and relive what I saw…ladies and gentlemen…may I present to you Pokemon TV!

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CES 2013 Recap: Keyboards

CES 2013

Let the CES flood begin! I know it’s a bit late compared to some, but we will be posting recaps and individual reviews, so there’s lots of stuff coming. Recaps will be quick previews and hands-on for things we saw at the show, but most importantly it will showcase things we saw that are unique to us. You can only see so many TVs, cases and headphones you know? I will be starting off with a simple one that doesn’t come to mind often anymore: keyboards. Continue reading

Creating a Crisis of Time – Major Mayhem Android Review

I love Adult Swim, I truly do. With all the fun shows they’ve brought over the years, like Sealab 2021 and Frisky Dingo, how could I not? To further increase my affection for them, they are now releasing games, some of which are actually going to the Android platform! I love Robot Unicorn Attack, and just this past week they released Major Mayhem, a very tongue in cheek shooter. Is it unique enough to swim in the muddy waters of Android gaming?  Continue reading

Touch It On Android – Logitech Wireless Touchpad Review

The evolution of my mobile office continues. I recently started school again, and remembered how much I hate jotting down notes on paper…I hate it. My handwriting stinks, but that isn’t the point. I wanted to have digital notes. I already have my Acer Iconia A500 Tablet, and HP Touchpad Keyboard. My collection wasn’t complete though, I needed a mouse. I can use any wireless mouse I want with my Iconia, but that wouldn’t be…geek enough. I saw Logitech’s Wireless Touchpad and my interest was piqued. Did it play nice with my Android Tablet? Continue reading