Don’t Believe the Hype: Captain America: Steve Rogers #1

First off, there will be spoilers in this piece, so if you still plan to read Captain America: Steve Rogers and want to do so unspoiled don’t read this first. Second, I know I am coming late to the party on this one, but as I explain below there’s a reason for it. Now, on with the show…
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Comic Review: The Fatal Photographs of Philip Frowley

During San Diego Comic-Con International 2015, as I walk around the Convention Center along with several tens of thousands of people, I decide to make my way outside to get some fresh air and meet up with Jason Kimble. Jason is a person who has been coming to SDCCI for the past 10 years, a man who loves the comics, arts and everything about SDCC. Prior to meet with Jason, we had a chat about what Jason was bringing, a comic book, a graphic novel that he himself created, call The Fatal Photographs of Philip Frowley. Continue reading

Damaged Ink: Some men just want to watch the world burn.


Unless you’ve been actively avoiding the Internet over the weekend then you’re very aware of the photo David Ayers posted of Jared Leto as a rather alternative looking Joker.  Soon the Internet was a blaze!  But much of it was the photo being negatively received with shouts of how Hot Topic and Marilyn Mason the actor/singer like along with pointed pitchforks claiming that he had ruined the character.

If you were amongst the mob…. well jokes on you!
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Transformers RID 32 Review

TF_RiD32_cvrRILast issue we see the Autobots attacking a human base in hopes of rescuing Alpha Trion. A constructicon working with Prowl and the Autobots leaks info to the Decepticons. We learned the humans have a deadly weapon against Cybertronians and Prowl is threating Jazz with his blaster just as he finds Alpha Trion. Can it get any crazier?

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Hawkeye VS. Deadpool! A clash between Avenger and Mercenary


If you are a fan of comics then the characters of Hawkeye and Deadpool are going to be familiar to you. Even if you are not a fan of comics Hawkeye should be familiar as he is one of the Avengers featured in the hit movie. If they still don’t ring any bells, Hawkeye is a member of the Avengers who wields a bow and arrow, and Deadpool is crazy, smart mouthed Mercenary. Continue reading