A Different Feeling – Days of Dawn Preview


It is a unique time to be a gamer. Things are changing very rapidly around us: the advent of cloud gaming, newer consoles on the horizon with unknown features, smartphones with console-like power, and crowd-sourcing turning dream projects into reality. All these things combined opens the doors for many smaller developers to make their mark on the industry with their projects. Kickstarter is the poster child for helping smaller devs, we’ve seen huge successes like Ouya, Project Eternity, Wasteland 2, and many others that may have not seen the light of day if not for the support of the community. We’ve touched on a few projects here at 2 Shots, but we will be putting a bigger focus on Kickstarter to bring you news on all things geek, no matter the size. To begin, we bring you a unique RPG with old-school touches but new tricks: Days of Dawn. Continue reading