Shovel Knight Review

Capture16Shovel Knight is a classic side scrolling platformer like Mario and Mega Man combined with that childhood lust for beating the other kids in the sandbox with your plastic trowel. In other words, it’s a retro styled nostalgia trip that has the fun and excitement of an old school game with the added bonus of digging tools. Continue reading


logoIf you’re a Nintendo fan then you should know that they’ve been dishing out some serious information for their future game releases. With an overload of heavy hitter information such as Super Smash Bros, Legend of Zelda and some other Mario franchise titles like Yoshi’s Wooly World and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker some of the other titles may have fallen under your radar, especially if you didn’t watch the live stream. The game I want to focus on is called Splatoon; a new and refreshing take on the 3rd person shooter style game due in 2015 for the Wii U. Continue reading

Sony E3 2014 Recap

uncharted 4

Oh Sony. They had a good conference overall and they announced some big titles, however it felt really long and they didn’t do much to build excitement either. Well, at least from me anyway. The games were fairly impressive though, so lets talk about them.

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Ubisoft E3 2014 Recap


Ubisoft had a fairly decent show this year. They showed us some expected franchises, as well ass some new games as well. The whole presentation benefited from Aisha Tyler presenting it. She did a fabulous job and i really hope she is back next year. Anyway, time to talk about the games.

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E3 2014 Microsoft Press Conference Recap


It is E3 once again, and that means it is time for game developers to show us what is going to be coming out over the next couple of years. The first company up this year is Microsoft, and they started off E3 right.

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EA E3 2014 Recap

EA had an overall just a ‘meh’ show at E3 this year. I say ‘meh’ as some games looked decent, but everything else i really didn’t seem to care about. We knew sports games would be shown, but that was pretty much half of the lineup this year. Any way lets delve into what was shown today.

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Fusion and Fission: The Aperture way

Ever wondered what happened to GLaDOS after Portal 2? Ever wonder what the difference was between Fusion and Fission? Even if you regretfully answered no to any of these seemingly unrelated questions, I have the answer to both right here! So, click the play button, sit back, and learn something…

You monster.

Distant Worlds Nashville


I think it is safe to say that if you ask a gamer about their favorite video game music, that there will most likely be a song from one of the Final Fantasy games on their list. The series has numerous games within it, with a majority of them having highly acclaimed soundtracks. The music in these games does more than just pump you up for a battle, or sway you to fall in love with a relationship; they are also some of the most memorable parts of these games. For instance, play Aerith’s theme in front of fan and watch the waterworks happen. The music in Final Fantasy is crucial to these big moments in the games. So much so, that you hear the song and your body automatically reacts to whatever emotion you had at that point in the game. Needless to say, a lot of fans would love to see the music played in a live concert.

That’s where “Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy” comes in…
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