The Legend, Revisited!

I’d like to think my love for the Legend of Zelda series has been established since the get-go (see my other Zelda post here). As such, when I heard about the Hyrule Historia being released by Dark Horse Comics, I could barely contain myself… Especially with the inclusion of the “Official” Timeline as established and confirmed by Big N. Now, if you are confused or unsure about how these games all come together to form an ACTUAL timeline, I believe we have something for you. Continue reading

Windows 8 Storage Spaces

With the rise of digital content we have found that users often need more and more storage space. Windows 8 features Storage Spaces which can be used to help in that regard. There are a few ways to use it. It can be used to turn multiple hard drives in to one large congruent drive. No more trying to organize your files on multiple drives with multiple drive letters. Another benefit is the ability to add more drives to the storage pool when needed.

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Windows 8 Quick Tip

That’s right! Windows 8 is now available for you to buy on a new PC or upgrade an older machine. I’ve spent the last week fine tuning my HP DM4t-1000 laptop that was released some 3-4 years ago with Windows 8 Pro with Media Center added on. Although, not initially designed for Windows 8 (as you probably guessed), I have been able to find all but one compatible driver to get this machine flying! With having all that fun and experimentation with the final release and the two preview versions I have come across some awesome tidbits of Microsoft’s newest addition. Check out the video below for details.

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Welcome to the world of Pokemon  My name is Oak! People call me the Pokemon Prof! This world is inhabited by creatures called Pokemon!

Well that’s not really important if you’re one of those pesky social justice bloggers.

But thats not why you’re here is it? IS IT?

Well, with that being said…

Like I said Pokemon Black/White 2 came out last Sunday, if you haven’t picked it up I’ll give you a few good reasons why… but that comes after you click that ” more’ thingy. Continue reading

For all you Zelda fans…

For those of you who have read my previous article on the “Legend of Zelda: ALttP” game and love the game as a work of brilliant art… I bestow upon you a fan-made video by Zeldamotion, a group dedicated to making videos for fans of the series, BY fans of the series. With talents by famed Voice Actors of multiple anime series, such as Todd Haberkorn, Vic Mignogna, Kent Williams, and Kira Buckland, Mikey Patch (Creator of the video) definitely has a great idea on how the video should be made. Justice has been done for the franchise! Now… Behold! The greatness that is Zeldamotion’s “The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past”! Continue reading

Windows 8, A Look Inside

With Windows 8 release coming later this year, we took a deeper look into the current release preview to see what new changes and features you can expect. Truly, this is a milestone release and improves on many things. Granted with Metro, it’s different and not everyone is a fan. That being said, come release date Microsoft will have a promotion allowing you to purchase the digital upgrade version of Windows 8 Pro for only $39.99. If you prefer a disc, your local retailer will have them for $69.99 for the duration of this promotion. This is only valid for upgrades from Windows XP, Vista, and 7. Now on to the video.

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Third time attended, yet a first for many (exclusive Richard Epcar interview!)

So last weekend was my thrid year going to MTAC, which also marked my third year cosplaying (Yay~). It certainly was different this year, from the venue change to the new experiences and opportunities. Obviously, this

I wish I had practiced posing more... At least the X-Blade compensated!Kinda...

was my first time attending as press, since 2 Shots of Geek is pretty new to the internets (don’t let that fool you though, we still know what we’re doing.). In all honesty. I always assumed that press didn’t have to wait in line for main events (not small fan panels, just the large events like opening/closing ceremony, concerts, cosplay contest, etc.), so I was surprised that we had to wait in line. It was still first come first serve, like all the other con goers, but someone pointed out that at expanding cons, it’s generally like this; you just have to get there early or else you swarm the front of the stage to get your press badge’s worth.

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