Clear & Safe – Bodyguardz Galaxy Nexus Screen Protector Review

I love my phone. I really do. It isn’t perfect, but it’s what I want and need. I’m an Android guy, so I will never make the move to iOS. I just acquired an Acer Iconia A500 Tablet, so the Android love continues. But I digress. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the best Android phone currently available. Yes, I say that because I am rocking Ice Cream Sandwich! This guy has a huge 4.65″ screen, which is great. Once I got the phone, I also got a set of Verizon branded screen protectors…hey they were free. I went to CES recently though, and met up with Bodyguardz before the show ended, and got a chance to try out their UltraTough screen protectors. Let’s see how they did.

First off, let me say that I am an idiot when it comes to most physical tasks. I can barely build a box. If you buy furniture at Ikea, I am not the guy you want to build it. That being said, I am always worried about how screen protectors are applied. I am always concerned that I will have air bubbles. Since I have a light case of OCD, anything more than a microscopic air bubble will bug the heck out of me. The Bodyguardz UltraTough screen protectors have a liquid application method…you can imagine this scared me witless. Still, I’ve used their products in the past, and they were good, so I gave it a go.

The method makes perfect sense. You do a soft clean of your screen first, then apply some of the included spray onto the screen protector itself, not the phone’s screen. Once this is done, you apply the screen protector to the phone, then use a credit card to squeeze out any excess liquid. The beauty here is that this should squeeze out air bubbles too! It The process worked well, and I had almost no air bubbles left after application.

There she is, with the screen protector on. The Bodyguardz protector gives the screen a bit of a glossy finish, which makes things very vibrant when seen straight on. The Galaxy Nexus’ screen looks beautiful under this protector. A Hi-Def screen like this one needs to be seen to be believed, and the Bodyguardz screen protector makes it look fantastic. I’m not going to say it looks just like it does when you take the phone out of the box, because it doesn’t. In most situations, it looks better. The glossy finish gives the screen a more vibrant look, which is hard to describe considering we’re already talking about one of the best screens on the market.

How about negatives? There are a few situations in which the screen is a bit harder to see. Direct sunlight is one of them. You have to angle the phone better in order to fully see the screen. It was never fully unreadable in my experience, I just noticed that it was a bit darker at certain angles. The screen sensitivity also went down a bit. I noticed I need just a tiny bit of extra force to get the screen to recognize taps, drags, etc. Nothing major, but it is there.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the Bodyguardz UltraTough screen protector. The application was so easy even I did it, the screen looks great, which is a great bonus considering I’m using a screen protector. The best thing? I’m not worried about scratching the screen now. My sexy Galaxy Nexus is safe from scratches on its huge screen, and it looks great. Unless you are going to be outdoors most of the time, at which point Bodyguardz has other solutions for you, I fully recommend the UltraTough screen protector. You can find Bodyguardz’ other offerings here. They have solutions for almost every single device. Give them a look, they are well worth it.

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