Comic-Con 2012 Wrap Up Part 1

IMG_0771Comic-Con started with a bang, or rather an unfortunate screeching thud. A woman in her 50’s was hit by a car Tuesday before the con started. Reports indicate she was eager to get back to her line for the Twilight Panel which was Thursday, she apparently ran across the street and did not use a cross walk. She actually tried to stop before the car, but tripped and suffered head injuries when the car hit her. The driver was not cited. For the woman who perished, there was a small memorial placed in the line to Hall H and the the Twilight Panel took time to remember her in  the panel. While this is sad, let this be a lesson: you are never too old (or young) to disobey traffic or pedestrian traffic rules.


Now let’s move on to some happier news. Please hold while I check my Twitter account IMG_0741for notes and tweets. Ah, yes… we are. While I wish it were possible I wasn’t able to attend every panel. Nevertheless, here our some highlights from various panels. First was the IDW panel and they have a lot planned and other things that may happen but no plans right now. Details? You want Details? Okay, fine GI Joe ongoing comic series story arc will end at issue 16 and the next story arc begins with a Rogue Snake Eyes. There will also be a new character series in October, but whom it is remains a mystery. In Transformers Robots In Disguise Grimlock will return in August. IDW reminds us that ReGeneration 81 is out now and should prove to be the best selling series of Transformers from IDW as it continues the original Marvel story line from famed writer Simon Furman who was excited to return! There will be a Fall Of Cybertron Artbook with some amazing art. Speaking of the game, Fall of Cybertron there will be a online/digital prequel comic series.

IMG_0442We also get a Transformers: Prime digital comic series Rage Of The Dinobots. Yes! We can never have too much of the Dinobots. For the Dungeons and Dragons and Magic The Gathering fans there will be some big news in October. The next big thing for IDW is the first ever My Little Pony comic book series. Fans at the panel have asked for a My Little Pony crossover with GI Joe and Transformers. Larry Hama of GI Joe said he’d write it if they asked him to. Also fans would be interested in seeing My Little Pony entering the Infestation comics. Seriously, that would be interesting and please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

At  the Hasbro Transformers brand panel we learned that the lost 1st edition series of IMG_0754Transformer Prime figures will finally make their way to the US. Hasbro is still working on a way to release the last Wave of the Dark of The Moon figures that never made it to store shelves. In the fall the Kreo line gets a makeover with new Microchangers and Combiners. We also have some sweet exclusives coming this year, including a Masterpiece Thundercracker, G2 colored Bruticus and more. The Wreckers figures are coming as part of the Generations line and they Combine! Fall of Cybertron Grimlock get’s a figure and we finally get a Blaster figure, his cassettes are now Data Discs and the mold is similar to Soundwave. Speaking of Soundwave Linkin Park was brought on to help release their version of the famed Decepticon. Part two of my Comic Con 2012 wrap is coming soon.

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