Comic Con Update: Comic News


Three quick notices from the world of comics from SDCC!

First, IDW and Hasbro are teaming up for a combined world following IDW Revolution. This will bring together Transformers, GI Joe, MASK, Micronauts, Rom and Action Man into a single universe. Given how well IDW has managed their Ghostbusters and Star Trek properties (review and news on that coming soon) and that the previous canon of all the properties will remain intact I think they might avoid ruining anyone’s childhood with the move, even with their bolder crossover plans like including a Transformer on the GI Joe team. As well for fans of their current work a new Optimus Prime series is due out this year carrying on their story from the “Dying of the Light” series with follow up series “Lost Light”.

Second, on the subject of my childhood Saturday mornings, Titan Comics, the publisher of “Doctor Who”, “The Blacklist” and “Heroes” series, will be launching a new series of Robotech comics. No details on the story yet but I am personally excited to see what they do with it.

Finally amidst a ton of other news which I will cover as time allows Dynamite Comics will be working with Paizo games to join their classic pulp adventure properties such as John Carter, Red Sonja and Tarzan among others with the magic and sword-wielding staples of Paizo’s Pathfinder RPG. The series called Pathfinder: Worldscape and will bring together these heroes (and their villains) in an alternate dimension. It sounds like an interesting premise and they are promising to include Pathfinder RPG stats and maps along with the issues making each issue a hybrid comic and RPG sourcebook.

More comic news to come so keep your eyes on 2 Shots of Geek for more SDCC updates!

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