Creating a Crisis of Time – Major Mayhem Android Review

I love Adult Swim, I truly do. With all the fun shows they’ve brought over the years, like Sealab 2021 and Frisky Dingo, how could I not? To further increase my affection for them, they are now releasing games, some of which are actually going to the Android platform! I love Robot Unicorn Attack, and just this past week they released Major Mayhem, a very tongue in cheek shooter. Is it unique enough to swim in the muddy waters of Android gaming? 

Major Mayhem tells a simple story: your girlfriend has been kidnapped by ninjas, and you must go to her rescue! The game plays like a touch-screen version of Time Crisis. You are constantly behind cover, and you only come out to shoot. You tap on an enemy, and you shoot your gun in that direction, killing them. That’s the gist of it. Just like in Time Crisis, most bullets or objects thrown at you never touch you, only the ones that flash red with a circle around them have a chance of harming you. The idea works really well, and creates a really addictive game that moves at a quick pace. It is lots of fun taking out the hordes of enemies that foolishly get in your way.

Major Mayhem includes lots of guns, power-ups, and unlockable items to customize your character. You get coins for everything you do, including mini goals and achievements. You use these in the armory to buy more weapons, extra power-ups, and new attire. There is even a Chuck Norris look-alike in there(which I’m using now). This helps keep the game fresh, as you can only tap and kill for so long without getting bored. The weapons all have a distinct feel, and the power-ups, from the Robocop inspired Robo-Mayhem, to the Air Strike, all make you feel like more of a badass. The game includes four modes: classic, arcade, survival, and time bomb. So far I’ve put in about 3 hours into classic, currently at the last level. Each level is really short, takes about a minute or so to finish, so it’s really easy to pick up and play, then stop and come back later. I’m having a lot of fun, and will keep playing to unlock more weapons and stuff for Major Mayhem. The game runs smoothly on my Galaxy Nexus, and I encourage you all to pick it up in the Android Play Store. It has the best price: free! Have at it, and go engage in some fun, mindless killing!

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