Damaged Ink: Some men just want to watch the world burn.


Unless you’ve been actively avoiding the Internet over the weekend then you’re very aware of the photo David Ayers posted of Jared Leto as a rather alternative looking Joker.  Soon the Internet was a blaze!  But much of it was the photo being negatively received with shouts of how Hot Topic and Marilyn Mason the actor/singer like along with pointed pitchforks claiming that he had ruined the character.

If you were amongst the mob…. well jokes on you!

As Ayers had mentioned… had anyone been listening,  was that this photo was an interpretation of the iconic villain for the 75th anniversary of the Joker– not the final screen on-screen Joker.

That being said,  you naysayers should be more open-minded. Separate from his music career Leto has been in many movies and has performed in them spectacularly. He is a believable method actor and I have the utmost faith that he will do the Joker justice.

Not buying it yet?  Here’s some ACTUAL (leaked) footage from filming.



Look Ma, no tattoos!

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