Dark Cybertron

DRKCYBRTRN01_cvrAThe entire Dark Cybertron Comic event spanned from Dark Cybertron #1, More Than Meets The Eye #23-27, Robots in Disguise #23-27, and Dark Cybertron #12. This was a major event for IDW and The Transformers. How was it? Should I read it?


darkcybertronchecklistThis is a very dark story arc in the history of Cybertron. As always, IDW continues to deliver some amazing art. The Story is where is truly get’s interesting. The story is well written and plotted out, with many twists and turns. We see character development that is groundbreaking. Characters evolve into a darker side, others have changes of heart; the evolution of many characters is spot on. We see continuity with characters from across the board in the history of Transformers. Design changes that bring back memories of different cartoon and comic series over the years. Yes, you should read it and I expect you would enjoy it as much as I have.DRKCYBRTRN012_cvrRI

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