Death Approaches? – Saint Seiya Omega Episode 32 Review

The magic trek through the new Twelve Houses of the Zodiac continues in Saint Seiya Omega. In episode 31, we were introduced to the first ever female Gold Saint, Paradox of Gemini. Now as we continue wondering where Soma and Haruto are(seriously, how long can you throw people into limbo?) we find that Yuna landed right in front of the House of Cancer. The Cancer Saint has always been linked to death, and it’s no different now. Let’s see how the trip to Cancer goes, as well as Koga’s continued fight with Harbinger in another anime review.

This season of Saint Seiya Omega seems set on leaving us off on cliff hangers that last several episodes. Just like we had to wait for Koga’s fight to continue with Harbinger, we now must wait for Ryuho’s fight to continue with Paradox. We begin with Yuna heading in to the house of Cancer, and he meets our Phantom of the Opera…I mean our new Gold Saint of Cancer, Schiller(well played guys). He is impressed that Yuna got this far(haha little do you know…), and proceeds to tell her she is beneath a Gold Saint etc. We’ve heard this before. So begins Yuna’s struggle to get through her much more powerful opponent. It seems that Schiller is responsible for Babel, and just like the previous Cancer Saints before him, he can control the dead. Yuna is forced to fight her friends or take a beating. From here, we move back to Koga’s fight with Harbinger.

As is now tradition with Saint Seiya, we see an increase in Koga’s cosmos, to the point that Harbinger is impressed, even after breaking so many of Koga’s bones his cosmos increases. I know some people have complained about the way the fight ends, but I’m happy with it. If you saw the original Saint Seiya series, you will agree that this is the right way for Koga’s first battle with a Gold Saint to end. I won’t spoil it, but you should feel satisfied. I still don’t like those purple parts of the Taurus Gold Cloth…

We go back to Yuna, and she is starting to make some progress in her fight with Schiller. Once again, we are treated to an origin story on this new Gold Saint…so much for having some mystery. Schiller uses a new technique on Yuna, which she eventually figures out. So to end the episode we get what I’m sure us long time fans wanted to see…Sekishiki Meikai Ha! The long time staple of the Cancer Saint. Yuna takes the hit and is sent to the world of the dead…and the episode ends. So far the Gold Saints have given their Bronze opponents a viable reason ┬áto want to defeat them, I think this is because we didn’t get much story before we hit this point. Still, it’s good to see that the Bronze Saints have a reason to fight, versus just seeing them take beatings and just eventually taking the battle. So far…7.5 out of 10 guys. I will continue giving Saint Seiya Omega a shot every week. Still love that intro!

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