Developers may Crush (our hopes and expectations)

When the latest Devil May Cry game was announced, I was beaming with joy until the first trailer was revealed. Like most people, I was quite skeptical and did not exactly imagine that anything good could come out with Ninja Theory’s drastic change in direction on the DMC franchise. But I remained hopeful and open-minded. Even with sub-par trailer after sub-par trailer and a pre-release DLC announcement (sigh…), I truly believed that this new DmC had potential to be a good, well, Devil May Cry. Recently, however, my hopes have been dashed. 

After trying out the demo myself (currently out on both the Xbox 360 and the PS3), I had a bit of a mixed feeling. For the first few minutes of the demo while testing out this new Dante’s – Donte is apparently what some people are dubbing him as – powers and exploring the environment that is Limbo, I was having a bit of fun. Testing things out is always nice, and seeing what new tricks you can come up with utilizing everything at your disposal is exhilarating as well. However, after the first few fights everything just felt stale in a sense. Compared to DMC, the combat just feels much less solid and fluid, and the fact that DmC runs at 30 FPS as opposed to DMC’s 60 FPS is certainly not helping. I would rather not go too far into my review on the demo because that is exactly what it is… a demo, but I only hope that things will feel better when the game actually releases in January. Overall, though, the combat was still enjoyable, the story looks like it could possibly be interesting, and the dialogue is just garbage. More on this later, but now on to the interesting things.

Here, we have a video of well-known DMC player brea playing DmC. I will let the video speak for itself.


Again, this is only footage from the demo version of the game, but the fluidity and overall style of the combat has taken an obvious hit when you compare this video to brea’s other videos.

Oh, how the mighty top tier have fallen.

Are people trying too hard to compare this game to previous Devil May Cry games? Possibly. Will stopping the comparisons suddenly improve how this game looks and feels? Well, it may help with some of the gripes about the overall story and the new Vergil; otherwise, not at all, but there is still hope that this will turn out to be a game worth purchasing.

And now, I shall leave you with another treat (courtesy of General Ivan). Take what you see in here as you will and form your own opinions on this game, and we all will hope that this game will turn out well. (NSFW language)



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