Diablo 3 Real Money Auction House Diary #2 – From 31-52 in Two Weeks

It’s been almost two weeks since I wrote my first Diablo 3 Real Money Auction House diary piece. It’s one thing I have done my best not to neglect. I am interested in this not just from a monetary view, but from an analytical perspective. Diablo 3 is a fun game for me, so playing it more and more isn’t that much of a chore…yet. The grind for loot is an addictive one, so I continue it. Yet, what happens when difficulty gets too high, and things become…difficult? That’s what I will try to explore here. I’m just a lowly monk, trying to get though a rough world…

To be clear, the last time I wrote an entry, I was level 31, right before the last fight with Diablo. I finished him and kept going(story average at best), starting another game in Nightmare difficulty. It felt like I was starting over again based on the power level of the enemies, but it was better since I retained all my powers. I went through most of the game again with not many issues, though I did feel that the difficulty was ramped up, as I was dying a bit more often than before.

In case you don’t know, I am playing a Monk. I am trying to get through as a one-handed, shield using Monk. It’s a balance. I have Mantra of Evasion on, which gives me a good Dodge percentage, plus I have the shield to potentially block. I know my DPS isn’t that high, but I enjoy playing my Monk. I hit semi-hard, and am hard to hit. This works out well…until you are not that hard to hit. Going through Hell difficulty right now…I can tell you it’s hard. Most yellow or higher enemies, or groups of blue ones, give me a really hard time. I have to carefully plan my attacks, and run away carefully before I get killed.

Since my first article, I’ve only made one sale, and earned $1.06 from it. Here is what I’ve learned since then about the real money auction house:

  • Yellow items will not sell for the most part, unless you luck out and have a really good combination of bonuses and someone who needs that specific set. Otherwise, yellows are worthless.
  • Brown and higher is what brings them in. I sold a brown level belt made for level 15. That’s how I made my $1.06. It was not good enough for me any more since I had leveled up so much, so I put it up for auction, asking for $.25 per dollar value according to Blizzard’s standards. It went quick.
  • It seems commodities or…ingredients are not up for sale yet. I’m talking about gold, blacksmith ingridients, and jewels. I can’t wait for those to go up for auction, since they are all needed to make better equipment for all your characters, since the blacksmith and jewel crafter carry over on all your accounts.

Overall, I am still having fun with Diablo 3. The main problem I have now is trying to keep a balance between items that increase magic item find percentage, and items that boost my stats so I can continue killing and looting. So far it isn’t too hard, but as I continue through Hell difficulty, I think it may become an issue. I had to backtrack and power level for the first time because I was getting killed too often. Regardless, this isn’t a piece on Blizzard’s business practices, it’s on what I enjoy and what I’m doing. So far? They take from me and I take from them. Let’s keep it going, I can’t wait to reach level 60 and start getting the more…interesting loot.

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