DIY Wall Mounting Kinect 2.0 For Xbox One

DSCN1175Like many of you, I got my Xbox One and and questioned the availability of a wall mount kit or adapter so I could mount it much like my current Xbox 360 Kinect. Seeing no options on the market and with the only mount available being for the LCD/LED slim style TVs (I have a DLP HDTV) I quickly realized I would have to take matters in my own hands. Before we begin, a warning. While this is simple, there are risks and you will assume all responsibility for any such risks. Now, Let’s get to the fun!


You’ll be able to get the required equipment at your local hardware store. What you’ll need is 1/4in –20 x 1/2in machine screws. We only need one, but they usually come in a bag of five or more. 1/4in fender washers and 1/3in rubber washers. A shelf bracket. I went with a decorative style, be sure to get one that is designed to handle the proper weight of the Kinect sensor. If screws are not included you’ll need some for the type of wall you have. Finally I suggest using a cordless drill as opposed to a standard screw driver to make the task quicker and easy. Also, depending on your shelf bracket you may need to drill the front hole to accommodate the 1/4in machine screws.

DSCN1173First determine where you will mount the Kinect. Mark the wall and secure one screw in the shelf bracket. Level it before securing it with the second screw. Next grab your washers and Kinect. I used a rubber washer on each side of the bracket, one atop and one below along with one fender washer below. The rubber is used to help protect the Kinect tripod mount/ base. Simply secure the machine screw in to the Kinect with washers in place. Be sure not to over tighten. And Voila! We now have a wall mounted Kinect.


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