DNF: The Doctor Who Cloned Me

imageDr. Proton finally returns to the gaming world of Duke Nukem. As it turns out, he’s taken over Area 51 and has some mighty big ambitions. He also has a thing for clones! Meanwhile, the aliens are prepping for another attack on Earth. Yes, this add-on for Duke Nukem Forever has been out since December, but I finally just had to give it a try and hope some of that classic Duke would show itself. After all it was only 800 Microsoft Points and I was bored!

The entire add-on took me about four hours to complete. It plays much like the game, only fewer glitches that I found. We start in Area 51 and your goal is to defeat Dr. Proton and his army of clones, Duke Nukem clones! Dr. Proton was Duke’s first enemy back in the days of DOS. This first half, all the way to defeating Proton was fun and a breath of fresh air. The profanity, sexual jokes and over tone was 90% of what I enjoyed as a kid playing the first two Nukem titles. Yes we still had a few problems, but not nearly as bad as Duke Nukem Forever’s main campaign.

imageThe second half of the campaign was different. Here Duke must escape Nevada and get to the Moon to defeat the Alien Queen. On his way tearing through waves of enemy aliens and a few remaining androids from Proton’s army. We get a few new weapons, but they are nothing special and are not needed to succeed. In this second half the language get’s very crude very quickly. It’s worse then the main campaign, with a few exceptions, and really takes the fun out of it.

Still, it is a decent challenge for an add-on. But honestly, they have taken the character of Duke Nukem way too far out there. This is not for kids and should not be taken lightly, period. Duke Nukem has lost his way and needs to return to his early days when gaming was about fun and skill and sex and crude language had no part. Duke Nukem Forever along with this Add-on could have been an awesome game even with a few glitches if they could have kept the characters true and written a little better store.

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