Do you want a room with, or without feathers?

Here at 2 shots, we’re already preparing ourselves for MTAC, starting with booking a room to avoid the hassle of driving back and forth and lack of sleep. I’m, of course, busy working on cosplays and dying ; I’ve decided I shouldn’t just spam Tumblr and Facebook with my progress, but you guys too! ( I keep it pretty controlled actually)

So here’s my big project for MTAC:

Guess which room we’ll be taking?

And my project for Halloween:


I haven’t gotten much on Gwendolyn, sadly. The wings are my biggest concerns as of now, and it’s painful working on them. I bought I think 1/4 lb of white feathers, and I’m dipping them one by one in acrylic paint until I get the amount I need; though I wll need more feathers. Why acrylic paint? Well her feathers aren’t fluffy looking, infact they’d look better if I had used craftfoam or something, but I’m trying to trim them in sections to give off the idea of the longer petal shaped feathers, as they look funny with just the rounded off feathers in a row. I also do need to add more dark blue since it didn’t stand out as much as it should have.

Don’t leave foam near heat, kids

I’ve been working on other parts of the cosplay periodically, like the armor, but then…

Yeah, so I took a break and decided it was time to make kawaii things again:

I got my dressform just yesterday (yay! so I got around to making the dress fitted better; almost everything is just pinned together, I just wanted to make sure I was going the right direction.

And yes, I know it looks unflattering right now, but when I get to sewing and ironing it, it’ll look better.

Sora isn’t that far along, but well it’s not that hard of a cosplay, in all honesty, my biggest concern would be the keyblade, Which I will probably make the week before Halloween because I procrastinate! I have some random photos of parts of it:


If all goes well, everything should be done at a resonable time; for all I know I’ll have Gwen finished before New Years, and I’ll be able to make an Octavia von Sekendorff cosplay/gijinka; haven’t decided on that yet, but it will be suffering.

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