EA E3 2014 Recap

EA had an overall just a ‘meh’ show at E3 this year. I say ‘meh’ as some games looked decent, but everything else i really didn’t seem to care about. We knew sports games would be shown, but that was pretty much half of the lineup this year. Any way lets delve into what was shown today.

So, EA started off with Star Wars Battlefront. Nothing really was said about it other than the team had done a lot of research and we got to see some concept work and a cutscene or two. I have a feeling we will still be waiting on this for a while though.

Bioware came up next and they showed a video of Dragon Age Inquisition. It introduced some of the new party members you can recruit and some different locals thrown in there some. They then showed a video of Bioware employees talking about the new Mass Effect game. Essentially though, that talk was that the new game would take place in a far place from the last one with new locations. That was a little disappointing, but it is always nice to hear that they are working on it. More surprising was that they talked about a new IP. They then showed some concept work for it. The buildings shown though looked way to much like Mass Effect for it to be a coincidence. The picture is right below. Do you think its a Mass Effect Spinoff? Let us know in the comments.


The Sims are returning in the Sims 4. So you can enjoy The Sims with a new personality system and Sim sharing through the internet features. Personality has a lot to do with the Sims 4 as it changes what your sim likes and dislikes, behaves, and effects the other sims around you. If you have a mad sim, it could totally ruin a party, and the other sims wouldn’t appreciate that. They also talked a bout a skills system that will be implemented that will effect the sims interactions, if a skill isn’t high enough, they might do something you didn’t want them too. So lots of cool improvements for the series and definitely one to check out.

sims 4

I’m going to lump all of the sports games into a topic as most of them had the same improvements it seemed. The announced UFC, NHL 15, PGA Tour 15, Madden 15, and Fifa 15. They all either imporved the basic system, or just nice additions. Madden did add a better defensive system, and being able to push opponents, Fifa had the terf react to cleats, but otherwise it was just general sports game improvement. Oh but UFC does have Bruce Lee, that seemed like the only point they used to sell it though.

Also Criterion vaguely talked about a new IP. All we really know is that it has a wide variety of vehicles to use ranging from Helicopters to ATVs.

Dawngate made an appearance. Its a MOBA made by hardcore MOBA fans. The coolest, and riskiest feature to me is the fact that any character can play any role. It could be implemented fairly well, however, I’m sure competitive players will have certain characters for each role as it will be very hard to make every character even at the same role.

Mirrors Edge 2 appeared, but unfortunately i saw the very beginning of the announcement and then i lost connection to the feed, so i didn’t hear or see much about the game before i was able to get to a different one. From the approximate minute i saw though it was fantastic looking, but i don’t have many details for it.

battlefield hardline

And to close it off was Battlefield Hardline. It has tools and features such as grappling hooks and ziplines. The online is also a cops vs. robbers game, which is pretty cool, and if you can’t wait to try it out there will be a beta on PS4 and PC on October 21.

This was all that EA offered to show us this year and it wasn’t anything crazy surprising or epic. Hopefully next year will have a little more excitement to it.

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