‘Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’ Mods

For those of you out there who are adventurers, and haven’t taken that arrow to the knee yet, then this is for you to see.

Surprisingly enough, I wasn’t aware of Skyrim mods until quite recently, and they are quite awesome. Among the first of these mods that I’ve seen was the Macho Dragon Mod. I have to say, it was hilariously amazing. Enough so, that I showed a co-worker the very next day and he found it equally funny. Legitimately laughing-out-loud funny. So we decided to look up some other mods that geeks like you and I had decided to make to either make the game more practical, or more entertaining.

Starting with the Macho Dragon Mod. Who wouldn’t find giant, firebreathing Macho Men (Randy Savage, in case you’re unfamiliar with the legendary professional wrestler)? This version of the mod that I looked at (http://youtu.be/Bifmj1O3D24) turns all dragons into Macho Men, complete with his signature cowboy hat, glasses, and red star tights. Voice of the legend himself takes the place of the dragon roars and Thu’ums, and the Dohvakiin song is replaced by “Disco Inferno”. Who wouldn’t laugh so hard, Nords would cower, mistaking it for Alduin’s mighty Thu’um?

Some other mods that I had seen would make Zelda fans and fans of Final Fantasy XIII rejoice in epic nerdgasms and geekouts. To make your female Nord look like Lightning, complete with her gunblade, or make your male Wood Elf look like Link, complete with Navi the annoying fairy (minus the annoyance). Ever want to have a HUD that was more passive, or even more controllable so you can unclutter your screen? There’s a mod for that too (http://youtu.be/kdM1BgQvjtQ).

Take note that these mods are all for the PC version of ‘Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’, so if there are mods made for the console versions of the game, then they may be a bit harder to come across. If you happen to stumble across a console mod, feel free to email myself at jesse@2shotsofgeek.com or anyone else on our staff with the mod name and some details on how to enable the mod, and we’ll reply as soon as we can.

Enjoy the mods, and remember…

“Walk Always in Shadow…”

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