Elemental What Now?! – Saint Seiya Omega Episode 2 Review

Ah yes, episode 2 just aired. Let me say this before I get into it: the new version of Pegasus Fantasy is a brilliant piece. I don’t mean it’s the best music track ever, I just mean in how it is composed. At the start, you hear the tender female voice and calm music, with those familiar lyrics. This hits you emotionally. From there, you go onto the heavier, rock portion of the song, with the male voice. This gets you excited, and really anxious to see what’s coming. I will try to be as spoiler free as possible. At the beginning, Kouga awakens, remembering what happened between him and Mars. We then see something familiar: a vague quest in front of the hero, a feeling of helplessness in him due to the recent events, and a vow to be the strongest. So we begin the series of “introductory episodes” we get in almost all animes. We have to meet everyone in this up and coming team. In this episode, we meet the Lionnet Saint, Soma.


He is a hot head who is very similar in appearance to Aioria, the Lion Saint from the original series…big surprise there. Following a brief scuffle, he informs Kouga that all constellations have an element attached to them, either fire, water, wind, blood(?!), thunder, light, or darkness. What is this?! I was worried that they would change the mythos too much, and this is something to that effect. We never heard anything about elements before, why now? Did they all forget about them or something? Elements didn’t play much of a role in the original Saint Seiya. Do the writers feel this is an easy way to solve potential problems or snags? We shall see.

Kouga and Soma run into their first opponent, the Mantis Mars…warrior? Soldier? It isn’t specified. They work together, and it is revealed that the element of the Pegasus Constellation is light…gee, the guiding light that leads the way? That would be too easy to give to the main character…but there it is. They work together and make short work of him, and continue on with their quest. The episode did a good job of introducing Soma, giving us just enough details to care, but leaving enough doubt to leave us wondering. I am a bit concerned over where this series is going, but I won’t give up on it just yet. I’m very interested in how they portray the rest of the old crew, and I really want to see where this all goes…stay tuned for the review of episode 3!


2 thoughts on “Elemental What Now?! – Saint Seiya Omega Episode 2 Review

  1. i was amazed too by this new compose music and new design is good too until i saw Mars ( boss ) honestly he looks too ( childish ) i mean this kind of design some how make you feel like it was meant for kids i thought maybe it was me until i saw element ideas ..
    i don’t now what is gonna happen in later eps but i feel bad about this

    • Yeah the elements are a real kicker for me. I’m getting a bad feeling myself, but I’m going to stick with it, see what comes out. I will review each episode as it comes out, here’s hoping we get some cameos from the old staff and they are used correctly 🙂

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