Endless Slaughter – Colosseum Review

Killing. It’s what we do in most games really. gamers are murderers, thankfully only in the digital realm for most of us. Most games give us a reason for the killing. Gotta save the princess, revenge, saving the wells, blah blah blah. Well, sometimes we just want to do it for the hell of it. Colosseum does just that, giving you the chance to advance and just…kill. Is it worth it?

The objective in Colosseum is simple: advance through an infinte amount of levels and kill everything in your path.You start off with a sword for melee and a dagger for ranged attacks. Every level has an unlimited number of enemies, you have to keep kiling them until one of them drops a key, which you use to unlock the door to the next level. This randomness actually works for me, as it creates a sense of wonder in every level. How long will I have to keep killing? What if it’s too long and I die? It makes things more interesting.

To keep things fresh, between levels you can purchase upgrades to your arsenal. You have a choice between several different melee and ranged weapons, as well as accessories. You earn coins with every kill, and you use these to buy equipment. Enemies get tougher as you progress, so you need to upgrade. Whether you spend the money on offense or deense is up to you though, and every weapon feels different. At one point though you will run out of upgrades, like I did for swords and shields, so you won’t have any use for money except to use it to buy potions.

The graphics are cartoony and well detailed. The game looks great on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Controls are really simple. You have a left and right arrow for movement, and three separate buttons for your weapons, that’s it. It’s easy to just get in and play, you don’t needany instructions. The game runs smoothly, and it feels satisfying to kill the endless hordes of enemies. I’m currently at level 19, and am still enjoying it. The only gripes I have with Colloseum is that I feel there aren’t enough upgrades, and that the buttons are a bit too small. I’m using a Galaxy Nexus, so it’s not like my screen is small. Even then, the game is a blast to play, and since levels take at the most a few minutes, it’s easy to pick up and put down, since it will save your progress wherever you left off. Gamevil did a good job here, and I hope we see more updates in the future. I fully recommend that you give the game a try, it costs $.99 in the Play Store. I will return with more Android game reviews shortly, until then, keep playing, we need our scene to grow on the Android platform 🙂

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