Enjoy Your Summer While It Lasts and Watch Something Decent for Once!

Tanken Driland- So the first thing you’ll notice when you watch this anime, is the artwork; this is a show aimed at kids (estimated to be rated PG by American standards), so it’s very basic. The characters are drawn in a somewhat chibi style as opposed to overly detailed anime based on seinens or whatever.The story is simple (IMO); it’s about a princess who wants to go against the norm (like we haven’t seen that before).
She wishes to become a hunter; one that explores and finds rare treasures and fights monsters. Of course as a princess she isn’t allowed to, but she often sneaks out to talk to a hunter that visits her family’s kingdom. She gets into trouble for sneaking out so much, but then the hunter she meets with, finds that something dangerous is heading towards them, and leaves to find out what it is. The princess, on the other hand, decides to sneak out and explore dark caves, and of course gets into trouble. Her servant comes in to save her and they fight together to bring down the monster–which looks familiar… it’s nothing special, but you know that kids love the idea of adventuring; I mean that’s why we loved Pokemon, Digimon, DBZ, etc when we were little.

Natsuyuki Rendezvous– We have to have some sorta shoujo each season (though I think we’ve been lacking lately), but I’d say this is more of a josei (aimed at older women). The story follows a young man, Hazuki, who falls in love with a woman who runs a flower shop. He eventually lands a job there, but getting out his feelings isn’t exactly his thing. He seems pretty emotionless, and things don’t really phase him. One day, the manager asks him to tag along with her to go shopping for a present as their other worker will be on leave for a pregnancy; he says he’ll meet her at her apartment and they’ll go. Well he goes there and starts talking but then he sees, not only another guy walk in on their conversation, but he’s pretty much just in his boxers. Hazuki laughs it off, says stuff along the lines of “I see, you have someone by your side already, I got it ::friendzoned::” and leaves. Well the night they throw a party for the worker on leave, he finds out who that guy really was, and that he’s a ghost. All I’ll give away is that this man was very important to the shop owner. Of the animes I’ve seen so far, this was one of my favorites. I have the feeling it’ll replace Sakamichi no Apollon for me, in terms of feels. Obviously, if you’re not a fan of love stories and romance– and flowers–, this isn’t for you but if you ever feel the need to touch your feminine side, check it out.

La Storia della Arcana Familiga- I was joking with Mimi and said it basically makes me think of Brave mixed in with the Mafia. The story is simple, but I forget how to explain the specific, so I’ll be a little vague at times; which more of a reason for you to watch it yourself. So there’s basically an organization called the Arcana Tarroco, and they all have formed bonds with ones of the Tarot cards; their powers dependant on which card they bonded with. The organization’s leader goes by Papa, and his wife Mama; their daughter is Felicitia, who also has bonded with a tarot card. Papa has decided it’s time for him to step down and to choose a new leader. The new leader will be decided by a duel of the members, and the prize will be head of Arcana Tarroco AND Felicitia’s hand in marriage. Of course, Felicitia is mad as she has no word in this, and finds a loop-hole. She is a part of the organization as she holds a tarot power, so she plans to enter the duel and battle for her own sake, with 2-3 other guys as her allies (namely as they said they don’t want to marry her). I have to say, the later episodes just make this seems like a reverse harem, but the story hasn’t picked up too much and the first episode was all intros, so, it may take a while for things to kick off.

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita- This was a very odd anime, but it’s also one of my favorites so far. The setting is a post apocalyptic world; it’s not all beat up and dirty like you would expect though (I mean look at the art work, it’s so desu). Basically the village is suffering. Not enough supplies for food or even basic care. We learn one girl and her grandpa have some sort of involvement with fairies, but nothing more than helping one another live. Later on, the villagers find factory-made goods that just keeps showing up, with the label Fairy Co. on it. It’s suspicious, so the girl and her grandpa go try and learn about the company only to be surprised by how weird things are. Like a bleeding loaf of bread. It’s comedic, but it’s mostly random “What is this-wat” comedy rather than *insert perverted/obvious joke in the dialogue here*. Test the waters to see if it fits your taste though; I love it and it’s definitely my comedy fill for the season.

Sword Art Online- Wow. This was just pretty amazing. I was blown away by the first episode; the art, music, and story were just mindblowing. I wasn’t sure what to expect of it, since all I really knew was it was supposed to be like .hack; based around an imaginary MMORPG, but I didn’t expect what we received. The story starts off with a Japanese news station covering a brand new game, known as Sword Art Online. Beta testing had just ended and the hype was on. The game ran on a fancy helmet console that basically connects to your mind and lets you play. Kirito, our main character, was one of the beta testers, and he knew his stuff well; he knew what to do where to train, etc, and he meets a man. This guy asks him for advice, so Kirito spends the day teaching him the basics, and wishes him luck. Well the guy thanks him and gets ready to log off to, you know go eat something so he doesn’t play too much and pace himself, but something isn’t right. He can’t log out of the game. He can’t simply just take off the helmet as his entire consciousness is in the game and he can’t kick his mind out. Kirito has the same problem and soon they are teleported to the plaza. Everyone is stuck; all of the players can’t go anywhere. The game creator pops in to make an announcement; this is no glitch. No one can leave the game; if the helmet is taken off by force, they will die; if their health bar reaches 0, they die. The only way out is to beat the 100 floors, and win the game. The floors are just basically boss levels, but Kirito, who was one of the best players, had only gotten to floor 9 in his beta run, so everyone is running hectic and freaking out. I like the story so far, it’s pretty different and the art looks amazing. I can imagine it might not run through every single boss; like skip through some or Kirito will find some loophole and defeat the creator instead of all 100 floors, but if they do, they better step it up each time. I would recommend this to any RPG or action fan, it’s definitely worth a watch.

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