Everyday I’m Shufflin’

If this image doesn’t stir up warm and fuzzies in your chest then you might need to have Nurse Joy check that out.


Sometime within the past week or so Blaze and I revived a monster… a pocket monster. Within a conversation that started with a LoZ Game and Watch, moved on to POGs, Pocket Pikachu and Pokemon cards, we sparked the notion that we should start collecting again.


Then that weekend while on a random Wal-Mart trip I found myself in the trading card aisle (doom..doom..doom).

$40 dollars later I walked back to the car with a Pokemon Black collectors set and a Pokemon White collectors set.
After a brief side trip of hair bleach, Sushi and trying to baby talk Minccinos we made our way home for the best part of the day… opening the packs. Man, what a rush that was, ripping open the foil packaging to reveal the goods inside, flipping through the pack and checking what foil was included. I did good making out with some pretty sweet cards, however 3 booster packs each wasn’t enough to satisfy the beast. So conveniently there is a Toys ‘R Us around the corner from our place so we set off on foot in search of more cards.


Pockets bruised, we returned home for the unveiling. We did well.


But of course if you reach deep inside to your inner child you’ll remember that there’s more to the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) then the pretty pictures. The game itself has gotten much more in-depth with attacks and abilities doing more than your usual +10 damage and what not. That being said it has evolved (pun intended) into an intense game with a lot of strategy amongst its ranks. Also exclusive to the TCG is the new online play where you can build decks and play against hundreds of players live online . To me this is awesome, growing up I didn’t have very many geeky friends that would sit down and play Pokemon with me so online play is an excellent way to learn without the embarrassment of face to face play when you haven’t a clue what you were dong.
And like most online games its kinda addictive. Along with building decks, being able to search a virtual card library and having rule walk through, you can also trade with other players. As a matter of fact I’m sure Blaze has been on the site everyday this week…

Clearly I’ve resurrected a fossil, one that needs to be fed.

But regardless, Pokemon TCG definitely serves the nostalgia my inner child craves along with the challenges and strategizing that my adult(ish) mind craves.


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