“Fable 2” Unused DLC Programming Left In-Game?

That’s right! There is unused programming that the development and programming team left in the DLC pack “See the Future”. If you’ve gotten the game, and have played the DLC pack, then you’re familiar with the different levels offered by Murgo the Trader. However, what was found and figured out while searching the levels for bonuses and hidden ‘Easter Eggs’, is quite awesome (If you’re a glitch-hunter like I am). One specific glitch is pretty small, but quite the tricky little bugger! Let’s take a trip into the ‘Cursed Skull’ item and into the Celestial Keep within, shall we?

 Now, I know I said glitches, as in plural… but in reality, it’s only one specific glitch and the rest is all dependant on what you do next. Let’s start off with the Easter Eggs.

The Dingly Egg

Ironically, the Easter Egg in this topic is actually about an egg. The Dingly Egg, to be exact. To start, you’ll need to think back to the ‘Cursed Snowglobe’ quest. Hopefully, you’ve found a book about a pretty peeved-off rabbit, in that quest. That book is actually an instruction book on how to access the Dingly Burrow rabbit hole in the ‘Cursed Skull’. To save time, I’m going to just use “CS” for ‘Cursed Skull’, and “Keep” for the quest level in the CS. Now… in the keep, if you already completed it, no big deal, just don’t exit the level. You should remember the swamp section of the keep with a bunch of Stonehenge looking arches. If you’re like me, you’ve probably been wondering what secrets lie in this pretty large section that appears to only harbor a Golden Murgo statue… The skeleton perched atop a stone throne holding it’s hands out is a big implication that there is something else here… read the book about the rabbit, and figure it out. Or… you can just keep reading and follow my instructions.

1. According to the book, the rabbit found several doorways that lead to various rooms with nothing in them, except for the last room. Following the book’s direction, the first “Doorway” is the arch that is on the far left of the swamp, on the left side. Go through that arch and back out the way you came.
2. The second Doorway is covered in vines. Find the arch covered in vines and mossy crap. Go through it like you did the first arch, and back out the way you came.
3. The third doorway had a dead tree on the inside, so by now you should have figured out that the next arch you will need to pass through is the arch with the dead tree on the other side… Well then? Do it!… … … Did you do it? Well whether you did it or are just sitting at your computer reading this like a lump on a log, go back through it the way you came.
4. Lastly, enter the final “Doorway” on the far right of the swamp, on the right hand side. The arch with the skeleton sitting there. If you did the trick correctly, the skeleton will be holding an “Oddly decorated egg”, called the Dingly Egg.

Now that you have the egg, take it to the rabbit hole you probably wondered about earlier. Look at the sign… now look left…. and down. See that basket? Put the egg in the basket and enjoy!

The inside of the Ashfield House

By the way, after you collect all of those damn carrots, and search all the bookshelves and stuff, you would have found the Ashfield House Key. That’s the key to the house in Oakvale (the city in the “Cursed Snowglobe”) that you couldn’t go into. Oh! And be sure to sleep in the bed in the burrow… You’re welcome. heheh…


Still with me?


Damn you’re dedicated to this!

Anywho… MOVING ON!

Moving on to the glitch I mentioned earlier. In the keep, there’s a section where you need to fight a bunch of statues that come to kill you after you mimic the statue by a closed gate. No costume is needed for this statue, just a mimic of the pose. After defeating the statues, you’ll now have unlimited access to the ‘Last Beacon’ (LB). The LB is a tower that harbors a great treasure. Not really. Just a retarded dye. BUT! The LB is not as hopeless at it appears to be. This is the site of the glitch aforementioned. To perform the glitch, you’ll either need you dog, or a player two. I had my dog, but I decided to ask Ms. pikaXcore for help.

The Left side of the Last Beacon chest

On the left side of the chest containing the dye, you can squeeze into the little nook, and the character sprite will then become unstable. Keep walking forward and wiggling back and forth until you end up glitching on top of the chest. Your dog or partner will help you get there. After you’re on the chest, get your partner on the chest with you. Stay towards the right, but not all the way right, because then you’ll get stuck and have to exit and try again. After you and your partner are both on the chest, have your partner run into you while you run into them. It’s tricky to explain, but you need to be running on an angle towards them. Forward left-ish. Careful, because your partner could actually push you too far right, and knock you off the chest. After some fiddling around with this, you’ll eventually “POP” up and over the invisible level boundary, and land just outside the tower on the little grassy ledge. Walk around and you’ll see a teddy bear holding a wine glass with a bottle of wine next to him. There is nothing to see here, so move on.

Look down towards the right from where you glitched outside of the LB. Walk off the ledge towards the right, and you’ll slide down on your butt. After landing, walk forward to a small clearing with a Gravestone and a small yellow flower patch in front of the gravestone. Viola! Here’s that extra bit of programming I told you about! I’ve spent hours exploring outside of the keep with this little trick, trying to see if there’s a way to get here, but alas… there is not. There is no path leading here from the Celestial Keep, nor is there anything worthwhile down here either. The stone simply says:

“Congratulations! You have delved into the secret heart of the Keep, and emerged victorious!”

That’s it. Walk over to the flowers (Which happen to be a cullis gate back to the Celestial Keep) and activate them. They’ll warp you back to the rabbit hole. That’s it.

Now, if you saved after “popping” out of the LB, you’ll save yourself some time here. If you drop left instead of right, you’ll have access to the outer boundaries and programming structure for the game. Careful, the level here is unstable and if you’re not careful, you can fall through the floor and fall perpetually… Then you’d have to restart your game, because you can’t pause to your maps and stuff when you’re falling. There’s really nothing here, except for the outside of the Mysterious Cave (Hobbit Cave) from the CS/Celestial Keep, by the rabbit hole. There are, strangely enough, Some hobbits that will attack you out here. About 3 or so. Kill them and continue roaming until you eventually get bored and restart anyway.

Hope you enjoyed this little glitch/easter egg walkthrough, and hope you come back for more geek-related things on 2shotsofgeek.com!

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