Fall Of Cybertron Review

13_fullTransformers Fall Of Cybertron was just released this week to fans, gamers, and more eager to take up the fight and continue where War For Cybertron left off. I picked it up for the Xbox 360 and like many I expected from High Moon Studios. How does the game stack up? Read on for more!

Let me start out by stating we all knew where this story arc is going, or most of us. It all66_full stems from the 1980’s Transformers Cartoon series as part of the story that leads the warriors of Cybertron to Earth. High Moon Studios worked hand in hand with Hasbro and brought a twist to that story that stays true to the core Mythos of Transformers. I shall try not to spoil any tidbits from the game itself, but yes that story we expected is here. Also I feel obligated to suggest you go forth and find a copy of the 1986 Animated Transformers movie to watch before running through the campaign as it may enhance your vision. It sheds light and understanding on a few scenes and phrases in game. I give the story aspect of Fall Of Cybertron a 10 of 10.

The soundtrack, FX, and vocals enhance the game in many ways without overpowering it. The vocals and FX are right on and perfectly orchestrated. The soundtrack never gets in the way, you hear it but it doesn’t stand out. It does echo the story and again this section I must award 10 of 10. Also putting Stan Bush’s The Touch with the credits is an added bonus!

24_fullAnimation and graphics in the game are pretty sweet! They took the designs from War For Cybertron and improved on them and the result is a more familiar and yet alien designs. The landscape is massively impressive. They went to great lengths to give us the feel that we are on a alien metal/robotic world, that we are on Cybertron. That being said with all the amazing sights, I did run into a few glitches in the rendering and shading-Thus a 9.5 0f 10 in this category.

Next let’s talk about the gameplay. Everything feels better than War For Cybertron, as it runs faster and smoother. The loading delay is all but gone as well. But the jewel of this game is the mechanics that not only allow you to transform from robot to vehicle and back again mid battle, but the revolutionary ability of being able to switch which hand your holding your weapon in! This gives you a great advantage when turning a corner in the midst of battle. The control options feel right and there are a few control sets to choose from. Let’s not forget we get to play as some of the most desired Transformers in the fandom, Grimlock and Bruticus. Grimlock is all out chaos and Bruticus is tactical explosive situation. Still a few minor issues such as clipping once or twice had me restarting one level-not enough to sour my experience as it was fun the second time, too! I can safely give the gameplay a 9.5 of 10.

From Grimlock to Prime and Starscream to the Combaticons and even the brief71_full appearance of the Aerialbots, I must say the characters were all spot on and accurate. The playable characters are fun to play and the story leaves you wanting more (time to re-watch the original 1980’s cartoon! Again.). The missions are not just point A to Point B, as I have found many hidden areas or what some may call Easter Eggs. From art to dancing switches, they are a nice addition. This game delivers, period!

Multiplayer and Escalation return with even more awesomeness. In multiplayer it is everything we have come to expect from War For Cybertron and added more customizations, the weapon switching from left to right hand option, and the smoother-faster gameplay. Escalation brings the same to the Horde like experience and this time it really gets intense as you reach those higher levels.

In conclusion, a word I dislike in a good game that I want to keep playing, I find Fall Of Cybertron to be one of the best games offered this year! It’s quality, fun and the multiplayer can keep us playing for a long time coming. The Achievements are do-able, but by no means a walk in the park. I give Fall Of Cybertron a overall score of 9.5 of 10. I can’t wait to see what High Moon Studios do with Deadpool and what comes next for Transformers in Video Games.

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