Fight Time! – Saint Seiya Omega Episode 6 Review

Finally! We get to the part Saint Seiya is so famous for: the fights! The Saint Fight is the current equivalent to the battle of the previous generation of Bronze Saints. Sixteen Bronze Saints are gathered to fight for the right to become a Silver Saint, and meet Athena. We now have elements to worry about, but in the end, it’s supposed to be a battle of wills, and of who has the strongest Cosmo. As hinted before, the favorite has been decided, but how does this all work out?

We’ve already been told that Eden, the Orion Saint, has talent and power above that of all the other Bronze Saints. His appearance and demeanor as a loner already correlates him to my current favorite Saint, Ikki the Phoenix. As a little tidbit to real fans, in OVA 1 for Saint Seiya, Ikki goes against the Orion Saint…coincidences right? Kouga confronts Eden as a friend, but is put down by one tiny attack. It is clear that Eden is a powerful Saint, but how will everything turn out?


Souma and Kouga intend to fight each other. Souma is able to overcome his first opponent, barely. Now it’s Kouga’s turn to fight, and his opponent is Hook, of the Compass constellation. He scolded Kouga for ignoring him, and although he looks like a wimpy Saint, we know that what matters is your Cosmo, not your physique. The first fight begins, and it brings back many memories.

Kouga has a hard time at first, getting beat up by Hook’s Ground based attacks. Kouga eventually figures out what to do, and fights back. We see traces of Seiya in Kouga, showing that spirit means more than knowledge and raw tenacity. He overcomes his obstacles with brash spirit and power. We see the Pegasus’ new technique once more, the Flash Fist. Kouga wins, and we now have a Souma-Kouga match set up for the next episode. Eden has his first match against a Saint of the Wind element, his weakness. He wins in one attack, proving once again that Cosmo is what matters.

Things are getting interesting. We already have a ton of correlations from the first season of Saint Seiya. I am not completely happy with this elements thing, and with this “Saint School”. However, the fights are still good, and I want to know what has happened in the last 25 years. Will we get a Kouga/Eden match? Or better still, a Ryuho/Eden match? The pieces are in place. Now let’s see if this new generation takes it to the right direction and a high enough level.

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