Gemnyan Medal Set – Yokai Watch SDCC Exclusive


There was some special Yokai mischief at the Hasbro booths this year! Fans could pick up the Gemnyan medal set at the Hasbro booth during SDCC.

Yokai fans at the convention had the chance to pick yup the Gemnyan medal set, with Dianyan figure. This set sold for $30 throughout the weekend. So lets look at what came in with the full set.


My personal favorite part of the set is the medals. ┬áStarting at the top and working clock-wise we have Dianyan, Topanyan, Rubinyan, Emenyan, and Sapphinyan. These medals work with the Yokai Watch, and also unlock the Gemnyans in the Yokai Watch video game. All of the medals are holographic and have great art work. Hasbro has packaged them well up top. They are fairly easy to pop out and easy to put back in. The only complaint I have is that the medals aren’t completely flush with the black material around them, so it doesn’t always seem like they have been completely put in even when they are perfectly stored away.


The set also comes with a Dianyan figure. It looks very nice. I noticed mine had some slight paint bleed at the base of the blue ball on his collar, but otherwise i didn’t notice any imperfections with the figure. It seems to be made from a rubbery plastic and is hollow in the middle. The head especially can be squeezed somewhat easily. The only thing I reallly noticed is that this essentially is the Jibanyan Mood Reveal figure, just with a different paint job. So I think I would have preferred a different pose for Dianyan, but i understand why Hasbro would want to use the same mold. I guess it makes me think that since this was a special, exclusive set, it would have been nice to have a different pose instead of reusing old assets.

All in all I really like this set. While i do feel that there are a few slight flaws with it overall, it comes together as a really nice package that any Yokai Watch fan would be proud to own. If you weren’t able to attend San Diego Comic Con, Hasbro has stated that they will sell a limited run on their website. However dates of sale haven’t been revealed at this time.

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