Go Back to Space – Strikefleet Omega Review

I game a lot on my phone, in case it isn’t obvious. This is probably why my battery life is so low…but I digress. Time for another Android game review. I do love strategy games, and I’m always up for something with a bit of a twist. I always need something I can play for a few minutes and stop, since I do most of my gaming on my phone during my breaks at work. Strikefleet Omega is a strategy game by 6waves, with short levels and a nice progression system. It has a campaign and survival mode, all touchscreen controls, nice graphics, all the trappings of a good game. How does it play though? 



The objective in Strikefleet Omega is simple: kill all the opossition. It combines RTS and tower defense, as each level has a predetermined number of waves of enemies, and once they are defeated, the level is over. You drag the desired path of attack for your ships from the main vessel, and watch them decimate the opposition. You call in new vessels for different types of ships, as different ships are effective against different enemies. It has a nice rock-paper-scissors mechanic, and it keeps the game fresh and frantic. As you complete levels, you get money to buy new vessels, and upgrade current ones. It keeps the game fresh as you get new units every few levels, and this keeps you coming back for more.


Strikefleet Omega does have in-app purchases for Megacreds, which can be used to give you bonuses before each mission, and purchase more powerful vessels. So far I haven’t felt the need to buy anything to make it through the game, but the option is there if you want to take it. The in-app purchases are not intrusive at all, and I give credit to 6waves for that. The only problem I have with Strikefleet Omega is that it tends to slow down some times, hopefully this is something that can be fixed. Strikefleet Omega is available for free in the Android Play Market, and I recommend you pick it up if you like strategy games. I give it a 7.5/10 score. Go kill!

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