Guile’s Theme Goes With Everything – But Don’t Forget About Charlie!

Those of you who know me may think that I’m referring to Charlie Sheen, but I’m not. I am a longtime Guile player, I’ve been using him since Super Street Fighter 2. I used him in Street Fighter 4, and I use him now in Street Fighter X Tekken. I’ve played every Street Fighter game released since Street Fighter 2, and know the mythos pretty well. Hence, I know about Guile’s mentor, or his reason to be, quite honestly…I’m talking about the greatest hairdo in Street Fighter history…Charlie! Do you all know about him? Have you ever used him in a fighting game? Did you think he was just a Guile clone if the first time you saw him was in Marvel vs. Capcom 2? Let me tell you a few things about Charlie…don’t worry, this won’t be his life story…I will now tell you why he is awesome!

He is Guile’s mentor. It is heavily implied(never truly confirmed), that Bison kills Charlie before Street Fighter 2, and that is why Guile is seeking revenge. Charlie was Guile’s partner in the Army, and taught him his fighting style. Sonic Boom? Got it from Charlie. Flash Kick. Same thing. I’m not going deep into the mythos though, here are the reasons why Charlie is so freaking awesome!

  • He throws Sonic Booms with one arm. ONE ARM! Guile needs both arms to throw them, not Charlie. He is so quick, he breaks the sound barrier with one arm! Beat that!
  • His Flash Kick is a real back flip. He does the full thing, both legs, and poses mid-air, before landing like a boss. One more time, Guile doesn’t have as much win in him as Charlie.
  • He has the best sense of style out of anyone in the Street Fighter universe. That yellow jacket indicates he wants to show off on the field of battle, but those glasses hide a more mature side. You add that hairdo…pimping. Everyone yields to Charlie.
  • Charlie’s theme is freaking badass. I know Guile’s theme goes with everything because of the now famous meme, but listen to this rocking awesomeness…

Listen to that and tell me you don’t feel like getting into the fight! You’d be lying! It starts off rather slow, nothing unique, but then it starts getting quick, those riffs hit, and man, you know you’re in for a fight! Street Fighter Alpha had a really good OST all around, but this is the best track that came out of that game in my opinion. Charlie should be inducted into the fighting game Hall of Fame, he is too awesome not to be. Thankfully Capcom hasn’t forgotten about him. His outfit is Guile’s first alternate costume in Street Fighter 4, and is Steve Fox’s alternate costume in Street Fighter X Tekken. Steve…you’re a lucky man. I’m not sure if you deserve to wear those duds, but wear them with pride. Everyone, make sure you remember Charlie forever, because without him…we technically wouldn’t have Guile’s theme ;D

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