Halo Master Chief Collection

3D Boxshot Wizard LHS v1.1Let’s face the Master Chief Collection was a huge undertaking for 343 Industries. Taking 4 games from previous console generations and rewriting and coding them to run on the Xbox One is in of itself a challenge. But they didn’t stop there, they made them all work together with campaign playlists that span all games or just some. They also took multiplayer and made them all work together. Sort of. Most of us were stoked for the chance to play all 4 games with multiplayer on the Xbox one. That being said we were disappointed at some of the glitches and bugs at launch.

Disappointed, yes, but when you consider what had to be done it is understandable that they had some issues. Luckily, this is 343 Industries and Microsoft Studios and they have been tirelessly working on resolving this issues. Most of which revolve around multiplayer. Truthfully, as I await the latest patch to download, I have yet to play a multiplayer match that works correctly. Granted, my ISP is AT&T with DSL that is rarely maintained by AT&T. With that being said, I cannot guarantee all the issues I experience are bugs and not the lackluster performance of AT&T DSL. What I have done is play the campaign. Oh boy have I played!

I started the cross game playlist that takes me through all four games. It took some time, but I completed all four Halo games back to back. I unlocked tons of achievements, but most of all I had a blast reliving the adventures. Halo Anniversary played about the same as it did on the Xbox 360 version, Halo 2 Anniversary just blew me away. The improved graphics and cut scenes made it look better than Halo 3 and maybe I could even make a case that it looks better than Halo 4! Halo 3 and Halo 4 appear to be the same as the Xbox 360 version. Granted there have been enhancements across all four.

Then there is Halo Nightfall, a Multi episode movie with Ridley Scott involved. A new episode is released each week and I just watched Episode four the other day.  This new tale is well written and tells an interesting story. A story that takes back to a Halo ring, well a piece of one. I feel the acting is great and overall it’s fun and exciting to watch. The only downside is that it is streamed, not downloaded to your console. This as you can imagine creates a challenge with previously mentioned AT&T DSL being unstable. It sometimes means I get a less than desirable quality.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a fun game to play and/or you’re a fan of Halo, then this is a worthwhile collection to pick up. I look forward to Multiplayer working well, but that’s only part of this exciting package. Go ahead and play it. Let us know what you think?

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